Leaving the EU will refocus British trade on higher growth regions



So says an article in Market Watch, which was published today.

It reports that Britain can pivot itself away from the low-growth EU toward more dynamic economies, such as the emerging giants of Asia. The UK exports more goods to Ireland, with a population of 4.6m, than to China.

Critics of the EU also argue the bloc has been particularly poor at negotiating trade deals. After six years of negotiation the EU has still not struck a trade deal with Canada.

Not everyone brought in to Project Fear an there are many people now who realise we are better off out!

No back-sliding on Brexit

The Daily Express reports today  how the Prime Minister has promised there will be no back sliding on Brexit.

Theresa May’s official spokeswoman said: “The Prime Minister is very clear that Brexit means Brexit. Parliament supported the decision to hold the referendum. Everyone should focus on getting behind that and making a success of Brexit.”

Exactly – let’s get on with it and trigger Article 50, fulfilling the wishes of the people.

Is it time for Dexit?

So after we leave the EU, could Denmark be next?  The EU referendum result has sparked calls for a Dexit, a Danish exit from the EU.

The Daily Express reports that Danish Peoples’ Party

DPP leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl, said the “EU has made its bed” by underestimating the growing Euroscepticism across Europe.

He said: “I also believe Danes should, of course, have a referendum on whether we want to follow Britain or stay in the EU.”

The whole EU dream is in tatters.

Roger Helmer MEP


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