Julian Assange: WikiLeaks will show how US intelligence interferes in European elections

Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblowing platform WikiLeaks, has claimed that fresh leaks are on the horizon and indicated that European politics may soon be rocked by fresh spying revelations.

In a recent interview with Dutch television program Nieuwsuur he said: “We know it is the US National Security Agency that is the most aggressive [at spying] on other nations. We have obtained evidence, which we will publish in due course, about US intelligence agencies interfering in European elections.”

Assange also claimed WikiLeaks has more unreleased documents withheld for publication at a later date. “We have a lot of material relating to the US election campaign, including relating to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC,” he said.


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“There is intense interest in the US election and it has been a driver for a number of interested people to submit material to the media – including WikiLeaks […] it’s nothing to do with my personal position. We would never not publish such information once we had verified it to be true.”

The comments come after Assange faced criticism and accusations of bias after publishing 20,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) which many speculate were initially obtained by hackers aligned with the Russian government.  (TAP – speculation without any evidence)

While the source of the email leaks remains unknown, multiple cybersecurity firms uncovered evidence that at least two infiltrations at the DNC computer networks were likely the work of state-sponsored groups known as Fancy Bear and Cosy Bear.

Whatever the source, the contents of the emails contained evidence that high-level DNC officials conspired to undermine the election campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. Amid mounting controversy, its communications director, financial officer and chief executive were forced to resign.

Most recently, WikiLeaks said it would offer a $20,000 (£15,000) reward for any information that led to a conviction in the case of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich – although it again refused to say whether it was Rich who leaked political information to the organisation. The police investigation, which remains ongoing, has found “no indication” of such a link.

In a statement to IBTimes UK, WikiLeaks said: “We treat threats toward any suspected source ofWikiLeaks with extreme gravity. This should not be taken to imply that Seth Rich was a source toWikiLeaks or to imply that that his murder is connected to our publications.

“We hope our efforts will contribute to the family’s calls for information and to the separate reward issued by police. We have a history of obtaining information that has significantly contributed to many legal proceedings, including successful prosecutions.”

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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    This is what the International Cabal is doing to us, murderers, racists and genociders, it is what they always were and always will be unless finally dealt with. It is what they did to Germany in the 2nd War and to all of the White Europeans in the First War, and to the Russians and Ukrainians in the “Red” Revolution, and to the Armenians, and to the Britons and the Druids, these people that cry about the so called Holocaust and then rape our orphaned children as soon as they get into High Government.

    What are you going to do about that Mr David Davis and Mr Fox???


  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Yeah and these are some of the weapons that their imMigrant Army is going to use to try to kill us when we are armed with toothpicks and cricket bats thanks to MK Michael Ryan and Psyop Hamilton…


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