14 Aug 2016

 NY Times: Israel Accuses U.N. Worker of Aiding Hamas in Gaza

Israeli prosecutors on Tuesday charged a Palestinian employee of the United Nations in the Gaza Strip with providing material assistance to Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the territory, including helping to build a jetty for its military wing.


This little story about the latest spat between the Zionist monster state and the Globalist (UN) monster state offers an opportunity to clarify one of the most confusing sub-plots of the New World Order / Rothschild crime movement; and tie it into the 2016 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show), aka Killary vs Orange Man.

Have you ever wondered why some One Worlder / Marxist Jews (such as George Soros, Henry Kissinger and Bernie Sanders) are hard on Israel at times; while Israel Firster Jews (such as Bibi Satanyahu, Matt Drudge and Sheldon Adelson) attack the One World movement? Aren’t they all part of the same PRC (Predatory Ruling Class)? Well, yes — and also no.

Jewish-owned puppet sodomite Winston Churchill, although he would work with both the Zionist and the Globalist (Bolshevik) factions of the criminal elite, once made a public case for Jews to embrace Nationalism / Zionism, not Bolshevism. (1920 article here) Today’s Globalist vs Israel Firster rivalry is a direct extension of this “in the family” rivalry within world Jewry.


You see, boys and girls, just like the Italian-Sicilian “Cosa Nostra” (Our Thing) has its rival factions, the Global PRC (Kosher Nostra) has a Marxist-Globalist faction and an Israel First faction. The two groups also share many members who belong to both camps, or switch sides when convenient. It’s not that the former group of Jews hates Israel or wants to get rid of it. Not at all! The problem for the lefty Globalists is that the hardliner nationalists of Israel’s Likkud Party are obsessed not with world government, but with “Greater Israel.” This complicates Globalist efforts to get the Muslim world on board with the NWO. If the Soros gang and its stooges (such as Jimmy Carter, EU, NGO’s, Barack Obongo, the Clintons et al) had their way, Israel would be governed by its commie Labor Party and at peace with a small Palestinian state — itself ruled by NWO puppet Hamas Palestinians.

Understand this Kosher Nostra intramural rivalry and you’ll also understand why:

  • Globalist Jimmy Carter’s 1980 re-election bid was de-railed by ex-Democrat Jewish “neo-conservatives” supporting Ronald Reagan
  • A Zionist fanatic named Yigal Amir assassinated Israeli President Yitzhak Rabin (Labor Party) in 1995
  • Globalist Bill Clinton’s tawdry sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky suddenly became public in 1997
  • James Carville, Clinton’s trusted political hit man, was sent to Israel in 1999 for the purpose of helping Ehud Barak defeat Satanyahu
  • Several of the European Union nations (Globalists) have been sanctioning Israel.
  • Zbig Brezinski (Globalist) could get away with saying that the U.S. should shoot down Israeli planes if they try to attack Iran.
  • Israeli sock-puppet Glenn Beck was allowed to trash Globalist George Soros on FOX TV
  • Obongo (Globalist) could get away with casually disrespecting Bibi Satanyahu. (here),_Yitzhak_Rabin,_Yasser_Arafat_at_the_White_House_1993-09-13.jpg

1- The uncompromising Israel Firsters took down the “anti-Israel” Globalist Jimmy Carter.

2- The Israel Firsters also crippled Globalist Bill Clinton and murdered “traitor” Yitzak Rabin.

3- After failing to unseat Globalist Obongo in 2012, the Israel Firsters want to block Globalist Killary Clinton (Satanyahu’s revenge for the Clinton’s thwarting his own election in 1996 (here).


It’s a tit-for-tat Jewish-approved war within a war among partially allied and partially opposed psychos that’s been going on for a long time. Consider this headline and excerpt from the Washington Free Beacon / January 2016:


Soros-Linked Human Rights Group Calls on Businesses to Boycott Israel

New report slammed by pro-Israel community

“A leading U.S.-based human rights organization linked to Hillary Clinton supporter George Soros is planning to release a report this week that will call on businesses to sever relations with any company operated by Israeli Jews in the West Bank, according to an advance copy of the report provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

Human Rights Watch, which has been substantially funded by Soros and long accused of harboring an anti-Israel bias, will publish on Tuesday a 163-page report purporting to document how so-called “settlement businesses” harm Palestinians, according to an advance copy of the report set to be released Tuesday and provided independently to the Free Beacon.”  (here)


Like Globalist Jew Soros, the Israel Firsters also own their own stable of political puppets (mainly “conservative” Republicans) and big shot journalists — which they have now activated to wage war against Killary Clinton. That is why the likes of Rudy Giuliani, the neo-con talk-radio bigmouths, Matt Drudge, Not-So-BrightBart, and even elements of Alex Jones’ Disinfo Wars (all in league with Satanyahu) are attacking Killary so relentlessly while pushing the candidacy of Orange Man very hard. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is also working with his Mossad masters on this stop Killary campaign.

Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Julian Assange. These Israeli agents are really going after Soros’ girl Killary.


As for the Orange Man, most Jewish neo-cons and Israel Firsters still hate him, simply because they fear he cannot be controlled once elected. But Satanyahu may be thinking that he can get along with Trump. Could it be that Satanyahu has calculated that he can work with Trump to once and for all sell out the Palestinians and their mini-statehood dreams? Could it be that Trump, Putin, Sisi (Egypt) and Erdogan would prefer to work with the powerful Israel Firster nationalist faction to expel the Globalists from Eurasia? That would be great news for the people of the Eurasian landmass, but it would absolutely suck for the oppressed Palestinians, unless some alternative arrangement could be made for them.

We here at the ad-free Anti-New York Times have the luxury of posting the absolute truth and never compromising. Politicians do not. Even The Great One (that’s Hitler for you newbies) had to smile and make nice-nice with Stalin’s boy Molotov for a while! In the game of power politics, strange bedfellows are common and we don’t always get 100% of what we want.

A Sick and Dangerous Dance!

As much as we admire Putin, Erdogan, Sisi and even Orange Man (depicted above doing a campaign ad for Satanyahu), the geo-political realities of Jewish Globalist (Soros) power compel them all to have to work with the Jewish nationalist crazies as best they can. Of course, in the end, Satanyahu is quite capable of turning on them all.



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