Is Putin a Zionist Puppet?

August 20, 2016

By Petrus Germanicus
(‘German Peter’)

Based on two online comments by our German correspondent ‘Peter’


There is no leader in the world who directly confronts or accuses Jews for the bad things they do. Appearing friendly toward Jews is the policy of virtually every world leader nowadays, certainly every European or western leader. And this is because Jews are without doubt the most powerful group in the world today.

At the same time, many of our western leaders know what treacherous backstabbing liars the elite Jews can be. If the tables were ever turned and Jews lost their enormous power—and it appears that is starting to happen—you will hear quite a different tune. When calling someone  “Hitler” is met with indifference and mockery, the Jews will have lost a lot of their power.

Most Jews, as we all know, have no time for Christianity and traditional moral  values—another good reason for believing that those misguided non-Jews (goyim) who keep bashing Christianity are doing the Jews’ dirty work for them. Without knowing or caring, these rebellious “Anti-Christs” (with their tiresome ‘God is Dead’ slogans à la Friedrich Nietzsche) are acting as agents for the the Jews by advancing an essentially Jewish agenda: a Marxist, atheistical weltanshauung that inevitably ends in the impasse of nihilism and despair. They are acting as Useful Idiots for the Jews.    


Conspiracy theories, disinformation and the muddying of waters, as you might expect, are all very frequently to be found when the name of Russian president Vladimir Putin is mentioned in the West. “Putin,” we are told, “is the best enemy money can buy.”

The Jews don’t like Putin because he stands up for traditional values and Christianity, things we all know the Jews hate more than just about anything. Putin stands up for his own people, the Russian Christians, and he sometimes puts Jews in prison, like the Jewish oligarch Khodorovsky. These are further reasons for the Jews to hate Putin. In addition, the Jews support with money various people who desecrate Christian churches in Russia, such as the feminist group ‘Femen’, and they finance homosexual propaganda which flies in the face of traditional values. They demonize Putin for not accepting all their moral filth.

The US is surrounding Russia and has put troops along its border in various countries. It has trained and armed the Georgians in their ongoing war with Russia.  It has a missile defense system aimed directly at Russia. And now the US has troops in Ukraine, which could easily start a major war in Europe. After lying about it for years and saying the missile defense system in eastern Europe was aimed at Iran, Putin told the US that they could easily remove the missile defense system now that the US had a treaty with Iran. The US refused.

The constant anti-Russian propaganda in the US media is only too apparent to most observers. Meanwhile, Putin goes on giving his support to Assad in Syria, which naturally creates American and Israeli hostility, since the fall of Syria is an essential stepping stone to a Greater Israel.

Putin has had a clear victory over the US. The US may be now losing one of its key allies against Russia: Turkey. The US had nukes in Turkey, pointed at Russia in the early 1960s when the Cuban missile crisis occurred. Now Erdogan has apologized to Putin for shooting down the Russian plane allegedly flying over Turkish airspace. He has personally traveled to Russia to have talks with Putin. He is turning his back on the US and looking for a new Russian friend in Putin. Indeed, there is now talk of Turkey leaving NATO altogether. Scroll down here to “NY Times: Putin and Erdogan Vow to Repair Ties as West Watches Nervously”.

All the right wing parties in Europe support Putin; and the “extreme right”—as it is now derogatively known—is the closest thing Europe has come to a concerted resistance to the Jews.

—  §  —

Why doesn’t Putin challenge the Jews more openly? I think the answer to this question is: realpolitik and pragmatism. The Jews have such enormous power in the world—albeit hidden from most eyes—that it would be insane for Putin to confront them directly. The financial power of the Jews is formidable and their ability to create serious problems is virtually unlimited. This is why no leader in the world challenges the Jews directly. Diplomacy and discretion demand a more softly-softly approach.

Everything the Putin bashers say about Putin nowadays is basically invalid. Why? Because Putin takes exactly the same approach to Israel and the Jews as any other western leader does. You criticize Putin at your peril: for doing things other leaders do to an even greater extent. In this you reveal your double standards.

The Jews who hate Putin and Russia will be found in the western media and government circles. Wealthy Jews like George Soros also help to finance Putin hatred. These people pump up Russophobia in the western media—after all, they own most of it!—and they impose sanctions on Russia to punish the Russian people and make them suffer.

They also fund the Lesbian/ Gay/ Bisexual/ Transgender (LGBT) groups in Russia, in the full knowledge that the Russian people have no liking for the slippery slope leading down to the sewer pits of sexual perversion. All this filth propagated by the Jewish sleaze merchants is incompatible with the values of our Christian ancestors who fought and died to build Europe with its great cathedrals, its sublime art and music, and its incomparable scientific achievements.

—  §  —

The Jews don’t want to appear to oppose Putin openly. Their opposition to Putin needs to be covert. If they can bring him down without appearing as an enemy, that is what they want.

Allow me to quote from an excellent article published in the Occidental Observer: Jewish dissidents target Putin. This will give you all an idea of what is going on in Russia behind the scenes:

Neutral observers [in Russia] say that the campaign against Putin conducted by the dissidents and a complicit press is unjustified and simply another example of Jewish solidarity in opposing policies that disadvantage their own interests. Dissidence and opposition [to the Jews] during the harshest Soviet era of the 1920s, 1930s, and during World War II, would have been more than justified.

To a considerable extent, obscenely wealthy Jewish oligarchs who were squeezed out of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin, to the great delight of the Russian people, finance this multifaceted movement. 

It did not escape the attention of some observers of US-USSR relations that the principals in the arrangements made between the American and Soviet representatives to introduce capitalism in the USSR were all Jewish and that the resultant newly created oligarchs were also mostly Jewish. [These] included Mikhail Khodorkovsky (whose release from prison is a major neocon project), Platon Lebedev, Grigory Yavlinsky, and Boris Nemtsev. All are Jewish, all are in opposition to Putin, and some are in jail.

Neither exiled nor domestic Jewish dissidents can honestly accuse Prime Minister Putin or President Medvedev of anti-Semitism, especially not those who control the major media. Putin merely insists and will continue to insist that the mass media in Russia not be used for character assassination or to make or subvert government policies.

Putin believes that Russians, not Jewish media moguls with their dual citizen status, should govern Russia.

Despite the fact that a good many Russians object to the fact that Jewish entrepreneurs all but monopolize the export of Russia’s mineral resources to countries abroad, the Russian Government continues to permit it. Oleg Deripaska, for example, an associate of Nathaniel Rothschild, is one such oligarch, as is Roman Abramovich, a friend of Boris Berezovsky, is another. They are allowed to do so because they do not attempt to run the Russian Government nor dictate its policies.

So many exiled, anti-Putin Russians have already been granted political asylum in England and have chosen to reside in London that the city is referred to as Londongrad. The British Government obviously does not object to this because the exiles direct billions of dollars to the British economy which otherwise might go elsewhere. Some observers conjecture that the governments of both the United Kingdom and the United States permitted and even encouraged the unorthodox monetary arrangements made with the former Soviet Union, knowing full well that the Jews so involved would inevitably divert the resultant international trade to the dollar or sterling countries.

The idea that Putin is secretly working for the Jews flies in the face of common sense, but common sense has never been a characteristic of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists. Will the Putin bashers kindly explain why Putin, if he is a secret agent of the Jews—working hand in glove with them—should go out of his way to anger his Jewish friends by revealing that Jews made up over 80 percent of the leaders in the Soviet Union during the Bolshevik era?

Aren’t these Putin-bashing conspiracy theorists aware that any attempt to link the Jews with the Soviet mass murderers of the Bolshevik era is a BIG NO-NO? — one of the greatest so-called “antisemitic canards” in existence?

VIDEO : 48 seconds
in which Putin commits the unforgivable sin of revealing
the huge Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution


SUMMARY : There is no leader in the world today who directly confronts or accuses Jews for the evil things they do. Appearing friendly toward Jews is de rigueur—the policy of virtually every leading politician and statesman in the world today.  Certainly it is the policy of every European or western leader. This is because Jews are the most powerful group in the world and no one can afford to challenge them openly.  

At the same time, however, many of our western leaders know only too well what treacherous backstabbing liars the elite Jews can be and mostly are. If and when the tables are turned and Jews begin to lose some of their legendary power—and there are signs that Jewish power is indeed on the wane—you will hear an altogether new tune being sung.

When calling someone “Hitler” is met with indifference and even mockery, you will know then that Jewish power is beginning to unravel.  



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  1. archer says:

    Some truth in this, I’m sure, but I think Putin is playing a ‘double-bluff’. Does anyone really think Khodorkovsky did hard-time?

    Further down the article, it starts to get a bit ridiculous, sounding like Russia is some sort of moral beacon, utopian society – bollocks. Russia is rotten to the core, just as bad as western nations and in many ways worse.

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