Illuminati insider reveals her knowledge to the world – Arizona Wilder

This program presents the staggering story of human sacrifice and satanic rituals involving the most famous people in the world.

World famous conspiracy researcher David Icke hosts an interview with Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Greene, who was programmed and trained to conduct satanic rituals by Joseph Mengele a.k.a. the Angel of Death from the Nazi death camps of World War II.

Arizona Wilder describes how she conducted rituals in which the Queen, the Queen Mother and other members of the British Royal Family sacrificed children in satanic ceremonies. She talks of the same experiences with Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton, members of the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and a host of the most famous names in the United States and the United Kingdom. Your view of the world will never be the same when you hear the revelations of Arizona Wilder and their shocking relevance in our lives today.

The Reptilians came to earth about 4000 years ago.  They followed the Aryans, whose bloodline they want to keep pure, as they need their blood for their use.  They look for Aryan features, blonde, blue eyes, as they prefer the blood of the Aryans.  They prefer to impregnate Aryans with the semen of the head of the Illuminati, known as Pindar.  The Illuminati pursued the Aryans all over the universe.

Arizona was identified as a bloodline before she was born.  She was addressed as ‘Mother Goddess’, one of only three Mother Goddesses allowed on earth.  The Reptilians don’t have the necessary psychic abilities, so they pick others from the bloodline to control events through psychic means.  They attempt to control events by predicting what will happen, and controlling it.  To call out the old ones from another dimension to attend the rituals from another dimension, needs someone with the psychic power.  The Reptilians don’t have this ability.  These ‘old ones’ want to come out of the fourth dimension, but can’t except during rituals.  Christianity calls them out as demons.  Circle inside a hexagon is powerful occult symbol, inside is a pentagram and a triangle.  These shapes stop the old ones from seizing the person summoning them.

The old ones tell things during the ritual, and give enormous power to the Illuminati.  They don’t want to cooperate, but they have to.

The demons want out of the dimension they’re in – being in the abyss.  The fourth dimension is one to stay away from.

Icke – why are the rituals related to the phases of the moon?

Arizona – also the sun.  They’re using the Druid religion, and the Egyptology religion.  They call themselves Druidic.  Druids were tied in with the cycles of the moon.  Ritualisation with Druidism, and they love ritualisation.

People were bred from birth to be ritual sacrifices.  It’s very easy not to register a child when it’s born.  Children are kidnapped in Third World countries, terrorised and mind controlled, sometimes drugged, used as blood sacrifices.  Reptilians need their blood to maintain their human shape.  They’ll take various organs from the sacrifices depending on which date it is.  They slit the throat from left to right.  Then they give the blood in a goblet to the reptilians, and then to the people who have become party to the rituals.

There are rituals every month of the year.  Usually more than one.  Every full moon.  The equinoxes.  The solstices.  Beltane and many others.  May 1st is Beltane.

Halloween is the ritual occasion for the Councils of Thirteen.  Three nights in a row.  Halloween is the worship and homage to Satan.  The Devil.  A lot of bloodshed.  A number of sacrifices.  The popularity of Halloween is to desensitise people to the horrors. The Harvest Festival is the same.  Christian festivals are unknowing representations of the Satanic rituals.  Christmas is solstice related, a Satanic celebration, the killing of the old king.  The tree is a phallic symbol.  The ritual on the 24th december is to do with the programming of children.  Things would happen to the child that hung the last bulb on the tree.  Rituals are done on this night to little children.   Children are killed.  Families have to give away their little children for sacrifice.

She has seen George Bush at rituals, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Ronald Reagan, and Nancy.  Hillary Clinton is involved, although not a shape shifter.  The two sons of George Bush were involved, now governors of Florida and Texas are involved.  J Rockefeller shape shifts.  Newt Gingrich.  All these people are connected to the Illuminati.  Gerald Ford was there.  He shapeshifted.  Carter was there, but didn’t.  Lyndon Johnson shape-shifted.  Joseph Mengele was a shape-shifter.

In Europe, Charles, The Queen, The Queen Mother Princess Margaret all shape shift.  French President.  The Rothschilds were there.  Guy de Rothschild is a shape-shifter.  He uses the name Doctor Barrington in the US. He’s had Arizona impregnated with seed from Pindar.  She realised what was being done to her.  Guy de Rothschild has tried to programme Arizona and get back under control.  Tony Blair shape shifts.  Price Philip has his quirks even in his reptilian form.  They’re not all robots.  They’re all cold-blooded, and would kill at the drop of a hat.

Zechariah Sitchin was at the rituals, not a major player in the rituals, but others were frightened of him.  He talked about ding away with people putting out information he didn’t want put out. He’s a disinformer.  He warned David Icke off from investigating the Reptilians.

Balmoral. Glamys.  Stone Henge all used for rituals.  Westminster Abbey.  Mothers Of Darkness chateau in Belgium.  Alsace-Lorraine region castle has a dungeon, where rituals are carried out, also gives access to underground green glowing rocks, which turn blood blacker.  Used in certain rituals.  Reptilians are kept down there as pets.  It’s very warm place to keep reptile’s eggs, and they keep them there.

Before Charles was involved with Diana.  Camilla doesn’t shapeshift.  She produced a baby from Charles which was killed at a ritual.  That’s the price to be paid – the sacrifice of the first born in a relationship with a human.

Al Fayed was at Balmoral.  He was talking with The Queen Mother, called The Black Queen.  He was discussing his son Dodi with The Queen Mother.  Arizona never saw Diana at any rituals.  Al Fayed had also been at Mothers Of Darkness chateau.  They were discussing a marriage between Dodi and Diana.  There was a malevolence towards Diana.

All the royals have drunk human blood and drunk human flesh.  They had their own goblets encrusted with jewels.  They had their own daggers, which they stirred the blood around in their goblets.  It’s a symbol of the phallus going into a vagina.  The Queen Mother had a very elaborate ornate chair for her to sit at.  Before the rituals people move around a talk in a ritualistic manner.  They’re wearing robes with nothing underneath the robes.  The robes are very ornate, all red colour.  Some have purple.  Gold lines running through them.  The Merovingian Symbol.  The Fleur de Lys.  They can’t wear clothes because they’re going to carry out sacrifices, drink blood, eat flesh, shape-shift and do orgies.

The Queen Mother is very cold in reality, and very cold..very unlike she acts to the public.  She’s cold-blooded.  She enjoys consuming human flesh.  The only person she’s afraid of is Pindar.  The Reptilians live for hundreds of years, and have assumed many different human form bodies.  She still has life for years to go.  Her essence and her Reptilian form will go into another human body from the pure Reptilian bloodline.

Shapeshifting happens so fast.  They get taller, and bigger.  They look very different.  They need robes as on clothes the clothes would be torn apart.  The Queen Mother’s nose gets much longer.  She has fangs, incisors with their tongue, being hairy and very long.  No hands or feet, but claws and scales.  Much longer description at 2.00 hours into video.  Tails that get whipped around when agitated.  Queen other is beige on the underside.  Snout is spreckles of dark browns.  Eyes are large and round, like they’re coming out of their sockets.  Colour beige to gold to dark greenish.  Vertical slit.  When eyes ae hooded, they’re about to do something.  The lids come down – they’ve got an idea.  They’re about seven feet tall.

Charles resembles Pindar in Reptilian form, but is shorter than Pindar.  Queen is darker all over, not so much freckling, smoother.  Lumps around her head.  Charles has protrusions from his skull where his ears had been.  The scent of the blood sets them off shape-shifting.  They can’t wait to get to the blood.  They’re addicted.  Also the flesh.  The Royals will do the sacrifice, or if someone’s doing it for them, it’s not fast enough, they’ll step in and finish the tearing to pieces, tearing the throat out, getting the blood from the jugular.  They can’t wait to get at the victims.

People who are not titled don’t dare step in.  They wait.  They can stay in the Reptilian form.  They have a hard time holding their human form.

Diana was chosen from before birth for the purpose she served.  To have two children and then be tossed aside.  She never attended a ritual but she knew hat was going on.  She wouldn’t cooperate.  She realised what was going on after marrying Charles.  They have a tendency to shape-shift when they’re asleep.  They have a tendency not to hold human form, and when they’re asleep.  Also when Diana was going through a menstrual period, they might momentarily shape-shift, or any other woman in the Royal household.

Diana’s death explained at 2.12 onwards.  Her unborn child was a part of the sacrifice.  Many details.  Guy de Rothschild was in the tunnel when she died.  He was there to take the soul of Diana. The hypnotic stare.  The ritual murder.  The Illuminati depend on people not realising they are there.  People don’t believe what they’re hearing about Diana.  The Illuminati can’t hide as easily as they once could.  The Illuminati wanted to capture her soul.  Diana was pregnant in opinion of Arizona.  She was a mind control victim from the early part of her life – she was Dissoiated Identity Disorder.  She would have had missing time.  Marks on their bodies.  Needle marks which they can’t remember.

Arizona doesn’t think that William is Charles’ but William is the son of Pindar.  She was impregnated but she doesn’t realise that.  The baby symbolises Horus.

2000 is the age of Horus, and there is a sacrifice involved.  The mother and the baby.  It involves the survival of another child by the same mother.

Diana left that tunnel dead.  She had to die at that tunnel, and they had to take her soul in that tunnel, and to take the essence of that unborn child.  They would have taken the foetus and the uterus as ritual and they would have removed other body parts, which would have been distributed to high Illuminati members to consume.

Earl Spencer (brother) has been seen at rituals.  He’s tied into bloodline.  Her father was present at rituals.  He would have been involved way before she was born.  Diana’s bulimia and self harm is typical of mind controlled children, and he would have been involved in that.  Children can be programmed to do just about anything.  They can memorise from just a glance.

Was Henri Paul a mind controlled individual?  He could have been drugged and programmed.  Programmed people can show no effects from alcohol or drugs.  One of his programmes would have been trained to hit the thirteenth pillar.  He would not be conscious of what he was doing.  He would have been triggered with a preset signal.  The trigger could have been a hand signal, a handshake, a colour flashed, a certain person doing a signal, who was present.

Arizona’s handler, Dr Mengele died in 1989.  That helped her to recover from her programming.  Her alters were loyal to Mengele.  Baron Guy De Rothschild tried to take over.  It only worked partially. She cut her hair off in 1993, which was not permitted, and she couldn’t be publicly seen.  She was always told she was their property.   They still have plans for Arizona as she has great psychic powers that they need.

High ranking survivors get sent a ring from Mothers Of Darkness.  2.43 she discusses her role in rituals.

As a child she was electro-shocked to the point that her parents were told by teachers she was retarded.  No medical records.  Her birth certificate tampered with.  Her eyelids taped open.  Drugs injected to put nerves on fire.  Merest touch would torture.  Electrical stimulation on genitals and teeth.  Injecting into gums, under nails.  She has been programmed to be anorexic, bulimic.  I had to eat her own faeces, drink her own urine.  Sensory deprivation tank.  Dislocated on body parts to traumatise her.  Tones projected into her.  Directed energy.  Microwave energy.  One tone heard in one ear.  A different tone in the other ear.  Programmed to run red lights.  They’ve used her children against her.  What happened to her is happening to her children.  She’s very anxious to expose the Illuminati what they’re doing to children all over.  Her children are told that their mother just left them.  This is very hard for her to take.

In this video she repeats that the reason she’s speaking out ‘now’ is because her children have been taken away from her.






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  1. Scotty says:

    So, what evidence does this woman present to verify any of there claims?

    It would appear that these entities are just devils or demons, as detailed in the Bible, and really this is witchcraft, Satanism, summoning devils / demons and giving them blood sacrifices for power.

    Try a www search for:

    “Fritz Springmeier bloodlines of the illuminati”

    He is a Christian minister, who was falsely accused and jailed for years because he was revealing too many secrets.

    I’d suggest he’s more reliable then Ike, who is teaching Theosophy along the lines of Alice Bailey.

    Ike claims to communicate with demonic entities, whom he refers to as ‘the guys’.

    They feed him lots of information which, when closely analysed, is identical to the teachings of Alice Bailey.

    See Christian film maker Chris White’s film “David Ike de-bunked” free on YT.

    • Men Scryfa says:


      There are now several of these female sex slave whistleblowers who have come to the surface over the last few years. Some are apparently more reliable than others and some at the time of their disclosure seem to have more suspect connections to the intelligence complex than others. However, as the accounts and the evidence mounts an overwhelming and broadly coherent picture emerges.

      Some names of the more prominent include:


      Candy Jones


      Cisco Wheeler
      Arizona Wilder
      Cathy O’Brien
      Brice Taylor


      Fiona Barnett
      Teal Swan
      Angela Power-Disney

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