Howell Implicates Hillary, CIA in False Flags, Trump Assassination


(left, Clinton body count. Attorney Brenda Corpian beaten within an inch of death after Howell interview.)
This explosive story has gone under the radar.
“Brenda Corpian,” left, a pseudonym, is the attorney who broke the story
of James Wesley Howell seeking police protection after refusing to 
execute a CIA plot to bomb the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade June 12,
to coincide with the Orlando CIA psy op.
Roughly two weeks later, Corpian interviewed Howell in prison
where he told her he had seen Hillary Clinton and Huma Abadin
at the CIA’s “Islamic Terror” training camp in Virginia. The interview
was terminated at that moment and about 15 hours later Corpian was
severely beaten by three men and left for dead in a dumpster. She was found
by a homeless man and is expected to recover.     Howell told her that
Clinton was “especially interested” in “Michael” who later was arrested
for attempting to assassinate Donald Trump.
Here is the Corpian-Howell interview:
When interviewed at the LACJ (Los Angeles County Jail) by our staff attorney and investigative reporter, Brenda Corpian, Howell further elaborated on his original statements. Brenda was allowed to speak with Howell as a licensed attorney considering representing him.
Brenda: You originally mentioned three other people you went thought training with. However you only mentioned the names of two of the people you trained with. Do you now remember who the third person was?


Howell: “Your guy got that f@#$%d-up. I told the cops what I knew -I trained with four other people – not three. We were part of one group – there were at lest 8 groups that we seen – maybe more.”
Brenda: Do you know what kind of activities these other groups were being trained for?
Howell: “I don’t know. Probably the same s@#t we were learning – I mean, we sometimes trained together on some stuff.”
Brenda: What kind of training did you receive at the camp – what did you train with others to do?
Howell: “The usual stuff I guess – making pipe bombs, mixing chemical explosives – ya know, military s@*t.”
Brenda: James, could you be more specific – what do you mean by military (expletive)- were you ever in the military?
Howell: “No I never made that trip but I have seen a lot of deep s*%t. I think everyone had his or her own thing going on. They taught several of us how to shoot – others were taught how to blow s**t up. All of us had to take our turns in the gas room….”
Brenda: The gas room?
Howell: “Yeah, it was really f@#$%d up. We had to go in to this room with gas masks on and take them off after they shot the gas in – it was jacked up.”
It appears that Howell and others he was trained with went through an abbreviated version of what the Army dubs basic training. Additionally it appears that selective training was given to others for specific assignments.
Howell and Omar were trained to handle automatic weapons and explosives. Howell witnessed at least five other people being trained to shoot what Howell described as “long rifles” – most likely sniper rifles.


Howell Identifies Sandford – Suspect In Assassination of Donald Trump In Las Vegas NV.
Howell: “We all called Dan the chemist. He seemed to get off to making bombs and setting things on fire….I remember a time one his firecrackers came within inches of blowing some ball bearings through Michael’s legs….man that Brit was pissed,” said Howell.
Brenda: Brit? Who is Michael?
Howell: “The guy in Vegas. Weird mother f@$%%r – we called him the Brit because he was from England or some place like that…we went and partied one night with him….he has a nice Beamer.”
Brenda: I am not sure I understand what you mean by ‘the guy in Vegas?’ Beamer–do you mean BMW?
Howell: “The guy they arrested for trying to grab that cops gun to shoot Trump with — yeah a BMW – you know – beamer. I am in to lowered Honda’s and Acura’s. I have a sweet ride. If I ever get out of here maybe we can go for a …..”
Howell definitely made it clear while he was talking to Brenda that he knew Michael Sandford – recently arrested at a Trump rally for trying to disarm a Las Vegas metropolitan Police officer – a gun Sandford later claimed to the U.S. Secret Service he would have used to shoot Donald Trump.
Brenda reported that during the time she talked to Howell he seemed scared one moment and at other moments he was flirting with her. It was obvious to Brenda that Howell was very scared of what might happen to him while in custody but tried to add levity to the conversation to appear somewhat tough.
Brenda wrote in her story that, “I doubt very seriously that the recent reports that Howell is bi-sexual are accurate. The whole time I talked to him his eyes were glued to my breasts-he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was turned on by my chest.”

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