Himmler’s Diaries recently discovered – ‘pure baloney. a fake.’ say Sharkhunters

 WALTER KRAUS, Member #3926 tells us that a fairly well-known website or blog is reporting that the long-lost diaries of Heinrich Himmler have just been discovered.  Like KRAUS we also think this is way too convenient and in a few passages we have read Himmler talks about a nice breakfast with his family then he has to go out and kill a dozen people.  Nobody puts that kind of stuff on paper!  And for the younger crowd – you don’t remember about 40 or so years ago when the lost diaries of Adolf Hitler were found.  Some clever guy sold them to one of the major German magazines after they were confirmed as accurate and genuine by the same British Intel agent who confirmed that Adolf Hitler killed himself in the Berlin Bunker. There were three Hitler diaries but then apparently the money looked good to the guy who “found” them so he “discovered” a couple more, then a couple more and each time, sold them to the German magazine.  Finally someone woke up and realized that this was just too good to be true and had the diaries analyzed.  If I remember correctly, they were written with a type of ink that had not even been invented at the time these Hitler diaries were supposedly written by Hitler.  The guy who perpetrated this fraud made a ton of money, bought Goering’s former yacht but when he was caught, he lost everything and if memory serves me correctly, drew some jail time as well.
The finding of these Himmler diaries with such crazy entries just seems to fall into the same category as the Hitler diaries – pure baloney!  …..and maybe even some neatly crafted propaganda?  We think this is a fake.
TAP – As Harry says, they are more likely to be an attempt to re-propagandise the events of WW2 than to be a money-making exercise.  What message are they trying to re-portray from those dreadful times?  A world divided by racism, no doubt, where mass killing was a daily event, in between sets of tennis.
Who was the missing fourth player in the photo above?  The ball boy looks a bit cold without a shirt, no doubt carefully chosen to please the generals!

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