Hillary’s Campaign Grows Noticeably More Aggressive

August 24, 2016HillaryClinton

Hillary, beset by rumors about her health and ethics, is becoming more aggressive with her critics. She is hiring groups to fight back in chat rooms and on websites against criticism, (here).

Additionally, she is moving ahead with her campaign as she prefers – and apparently without fear of what her opponents will think – taking a jet for only 20 miles to attend a Rothschild fundraiser in Nantucket at $100,000 a plate, (here).

She will be making few formal appearances or speeches during the rest of August, even though her campaign reportedly sent out a panicked fund-raising memo to supporters.

Most recently, it has been reported that FBI notes related to the death of Bill Clinton special council Vince Foster are missing (here). A researcher who saw the notes previously has revealed that they are not in the files lodged at with Congressional records.

The notes that are missing are not the only missing information pertaining to the death of Foster. Information on a Bill Clinton hard-drive has been missing for years.

The missing FBI information involved a report on how Hillary Clinton berated Foster in front of many others as a result of the Whitewater fraud case and various political situations.

Kenneth Starr investigated Whitewater as a special council and was vilified in the media for his role. However, it turns out that in some ways Starr was not at all aggressive.

He didn’t even mention Hillary’s angry, public outburst against Foster because he thought, apparently, it might be perceived as disrespectful to her.

A few days later Foster after the outburst, Foster supposedly killed himself. We use the word “supposedly” because even after decades, controversy swirls around the death.


Two investigators – Robert Fiske and Kenneth Starr – separately concluded that Foster shot himself and died, due to suicide.  But over time, major questions have been raised about what may have really killed him.

Now, recently discovered evidence … in files of the National Archives and Records Administration shows Starr’s lead prosecutor Miguel Rodriguez submitted a 2-page resignation letter and a 31 page memo about the injuries Foster sustained.

Rodriguez notes in the letter details about injuries around Foster’s neck which were not reported in official government documents.  At the time, the FBi claimed that Foster’s neck injury photos were underexposed, and therefore useless to them.

Rodriguez claims that after he produced additional damning evidence of a possible Foster murder coverup, he became a target and was investigated internally!

The main additional evidence Rodriguez refers to has to do with a second bullet hole in Foster’s neck. This would certainly contradict conclusions that Foster committed suicide.

Foster’s death is not by any means the only controversial one surrounding the Clinton’s. Years ago Clinton “death lists” were popular on the Internet. But now again, murder accusations swirl around the campaign and the couple.

These accusations are based on the deaths of individuals who are said to be close to the Clintons of involved with them via business or political dealings.

  • Victor Thorn, Julian Assange’s lawyer was recently hit by a train His death was ruled a suicide.
  • John Ashe died when his throat was crushed in a weight-lifting accident. Supposedly, he was scheduled to testify against Hillary regarding corruption charges.
  • Staffer Seth Conrad Rich was shot and killed. Some say he was preparing to go to the FBI with inside knowledge about Hillary’s criminal activities. Others believe he leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks
  • Shawn Lucas who delivered a lawsuit to the DNC is dead as well. His body was discovered in his bathroom and there seems to be some question about how he was killed.

There is of course no definitive evidence that Hillary was involved in any violence against these individuals. Snopes, for instance, has issued numerous debunkings, here. But the deaths and the reports surrounding them further emphasize the suspicions that Hillary opponents harbor about her.

Conclusion: Hillary’s recent actions seems calculated to reinforce those suspicions. The idea is that perhaps she wants her opponents to think the worst of her. We commented on that here. Such an approach is obviously intimidating. It would also indicate that she is fairly confident about winning the election. The possibility that voting machines in certain areas are “rigged” may reinforce this confidence, (here).


Let’s recap to date: All-out media and elite effort to elect Hillary and disparage Trump; media polls are self-serving and wishful thinking; actual objective polling of properly weighed groups show that Trump could win in a landslide; a rigged election is probable, but ineffective if Trump is anywhere near 55%. Hillary’s negatives (and health issues) will turn out to be much higher than Trump’s.

There is a possibility of a cancelled election; it depends on another major false flag. Failing that, there will be an attempt on Trump’s life; the elites don’t lose easily. Remember that the real reasons JFK was assassinated was antipathy towards, and actions against the CIA and the FED, and a Trump election could be scary to these entities.

  • Aug 24, 2016 If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only road to reform is through the ballot box. Whether you vote or don’t vote doesn’t really matter. What matters is what else you’re doing to push back against government incompetence, abuse, corruption, graft, fraud and cronyism.


  • How in the world of the insane – is this fiasco allowed to continue – are amricans really so stupid – that he will actually vote for someone – who has so much criminal baggage attached to her and her husband – are americans “Brain Dead or Brain Damaged” – is there a difference between the two states of american insanity – Well, they say you get what you pay for – …

  • Why though? This will already be the most divisive election, perhaps ever, in an already increasingly divided country.

    What advantage, other than throwing the media lapdogs a bone, does she have in further increasing the animosity towards her? She will enter office being the most despised Prez ever, and probably head downhill from there.

    She’ll have to quickly create (multiple) false flags conflicts to divert attention from her criminal history and to make her seem relevant.

  • I just hope it is not as bad as this portrays- especially the voting machines, and if Hillary wins, what that means for her enemies. We could be witnessing the emergence of a Hitler type of being


Source: http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/hillarys-campaign-grows-noticeably-more-aggressive/




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