Great New Article From John Kaminski: Bad Crowd

August 6, 2016


I have come under a bit of flak over the last while from not only many commentators, but even those who I do respect in the real truth movement… It all stems from my stance that this upcoming November 8th US Presidential election is actually a vote between a candidate that would plunge the United States into never ending war, and the other one at least delaying such a war and instead possibly trying to do business instead…

Yes, the choice this coming November for Americans is between the mass murdering freak of nature, the demonic Jew butt kissing Hillary “Killary” Clinton, and Jew butt kissing Donald Drumpf…. I stated clearly that the only choice with the fact that the ‘two party’ system is a sham and there is no clear 3rd choice is to vote for Donald Drumpf…

I came therefore under fire because many claim that I am “endorsing” Donald Drumpf… I absolutely do not endorse “The Donald” due to the fact that he is controlled by the Jewish criminals that run America, and he would not put America first as he claims but would suck up to the criminal state of Israel every chance he gets….  BUT again, due to the failings of the corrupt two party system, and with Killary a total raving lunatic and a danger to all humanity, there is no choice for Americans but to select Donald come November….. It is indeed a sad statement to make about America and again shows the failings of their electoral system and the American republic as a whole.

Just the other day, I got the latest article from John Kaminski via email, and I want to share it with everyone here… This one is entitled: “Bad Crowd” and once again takes a good look at the present state of the world today and indeed concentrates on the failings of the American political system… I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Bad crowd

Desperate dummies sunbathe in sewage while the world burns and bleeds

By John Kaminski

So this is who we get to hang out with, after all these years, after all that time and effort spent trying to build a decent life, dodging hazards, expecting and demanding justice, teaching kids to be honest while cringing at the lies of our leaders, hooking up with people pursuing ideas that seemed true at the time and often were.
But many of these vocations only took us further away from ourselves before we figured out the important things in life were happy families and safely lived lives, and that the government trying to control us told us things that were and are deliberately wrong in order to assist the criminal corporations whose money motivates these same politicians to create the laws that make them rich and keep the people poor.
Poor and barely able to discern our own fate, brought up on a series fantastic accounts that never matched the actual events they described, one lie piled upon another, so that eventually night is called day, and war is called peace.
Like the village in Vietnam that was destroyed in order to save it, our government now demonstrates why it must kill us in order to keep us safe.
Sad to say that the graphically disgusting zombie movie fashion statement boosted by Hollywood in recent years has spawned a similar phenomenon in the behavioral psychology of the population at large, in which the old virtues of friendly neighborhoods and extended families have been hammered out of fashion by the Jewish vampire machine that dominates the consciousness of anyone who ever watched TV.

The lesser of two evils is still evil

What barometer of American intelligence is this horrifying sequence of defective personalities who become presidential candidates? They are individually and collectively accurate portraits of the brittle composition that is the American psyche, 85 percent unconscious and 15 percent half-aware listening to the news while doing something else, and therefore willing to accept the facile explanations of all these suspicious false flag atrocities.
Presidents retire fabulously wealthy as a direct reward for the blood they have spilled. And this is who we are as a people.
Crooked Hillary and The Donald, each trying to appear different from the other, yet both tethered to the Rothschild octopus and trying to drag the rest of us into perpetual servitude — this is an accurate depiction of the miniscule breadth of American consciousness.
People who have been taught by the Jews to be like Jews, and look the other way when it is profitable to do so.
People who will sell their friends for a lucrative commission and ignore artists and people of consciousness who insist homo sapiens has lost its conscience, and is well on the way to becoming a totally pliable Epsilon machine, suitable only for ditch digging, mass murder with automatic weapons, and other subhuman pursuits.
These are the people we get to hang out with on a daily basis, which is why so many sensible types have either fled the country entirely or drove on up into the deepest recesses of eastern Oregon, looking for sanctuary. But they immediately run into the problem of people who witnessed Lavoy Finicum’s government ritual murder rapidly dying mysterious deaths, one by one — not to mention the pulsating earth of Yellowstone.
Those who actually do care about what’s going on join groups that seem to focus on the big problem at hand but often, as is the case with religion, get diverted from their original objective by meaningless arguments about dogma. Picky differences in spiritual creeds are the No. 1 reason free people cannot form a group to overthrow the parasitic vampires who have taken control of both the world and reality.
To vote for either (or any) of the current candidates is, as it has always been, an endorsement for the continuing intensification of America’s Jewish produced war on all the free peoples of the world, including its own citizens.

Smell of sewage in all directions

All of these insane practices are denominated by the neverending blather of mainstream infotainment, which herds us into acceptable but unproductive expressions of contempt for a corrupt system. It also stimulates our emulation of it, as lawless leaders invariably produce a lawless populace.
The poisons we put into our systems are comparable to the lies we tell our children and the misperceptions we use to guide our chaotic lives.
When all our leaders do is lie, what do the people become? Apprentice scamsters just trying to get ahead at all cost, willing to sacrifice people they’ll never know on the altar of their own prepackaged poison food.
We have come more than a hundred years down the wrong path, laying waste to the planet without realizing that our consciousness was stolen along with our money in 1913, and the significant events in the world since then have been nothing more than a consolidation of Jewish control of an artificially created reality — each major event marked by millions of deaths and the constant, incremental loss of individual freedom.
The great voices of the past have been drowned out by titillating celebrities of the present media carnival, expounding messages from the New World Order to fit in and shut up. And the cops go around randomly shooting people and pets at the wrong addresses to make sure we get the message.
Who in their right mind would want to hang out with people who would choose between a publicly acknowledged corruption-peddling criminal who should be in jail and a combed-over narcissist who is propped up by Rothschild money? Either way, America loses big time, but after a 20th century completely ruined by Jewish control of the money supply, this is not a new development.
All of this meaningless folderol about contrived political dramas keeps people from focusing on the condition of the atmosphere, which has become fraught with foreign objects that have penetrated everyone’s lungs. And as the temperature rises every year, the future looks to be a unending series of fires that one day we might no longer be able to put out.
But no one in this bad crowd is really too concerned about that. Plenty of people have noticed sunspots are not firing, and predict that a period of intense cold will soon result in a big chill that will change the shape of civilization.
And so our cognitive dissonance continues, and deepens. Nothing ever gets fixed while the thievery continues, innocent people wind up in jail, and the thieves go free, exonerated by judges and lawyers who are in on the fix.
A disorganized opposition to this systemic criminality continues to fight among themselves over tangential issues, while the big fish that always gets away continues its unchecked rampage against the dimwitted population which seems chronically unable to recognize the lies they believe that keep their lives in perpetual disarray.

• • •

. . . and in case you missed it . . .
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews John Kaminski 
about his story “Path of the parasites” which reviews
the classic book “The Nameless War” by Archibald Maule Ramsay
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes:  Yes, I do agree with John on so many points he brings forward with this article…

I agree that as the world heads towards ever increasing turmoil, we now have the latest “distraction” which is the fiasco of the Summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, that is not only a fiasco (raw sewage in the boating and rowing lagoons is bad enough…) but from what I see will indeed put severe economic pressure on Brazil itself to the point now that the Brazilian people are in fact rioting in the streets…

And of course John is right about Americans voting for the “lesser of two evils” is absolutely still evil… But as I constantly point out, is there any other real alternative?  With the fact that there is absolutely no 3rd party candidate or party platform out there for Americans to actually have another choice and with Killary being a psychopathic monster that wants to put America on a permanent war footing, there is NO alternative for Americans but to vote for Donald….. And with that the Jews will continue to laugh in the faces of Americans as they continue to control the American political system and who becomes the American President….

I agree with the fact that most people are suffering from increasing cognitive dissonance and really these days do not give a damn about anything happening around our world other than their own little worlds built around their smartphones, their stupid want for “selfies”, their enthralment with the  ridiculous “Pokemon GO” games, and what ever else is pushed into their minds via the Jew brainwashing devices such as the “TalmudVision”…. Many of these fools will be unprepared when the day comes that our economic system comes crashing down and only then they will say “what the heck just happened?”… And by that time it will have been too late to have done anything to stop it…..



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