Weather warfare is increasing rapidly worldwide.

Some chemicals and toxins we know.  Some we don’t know.  The weather weapons wreak havoc – floods, droughts.  People are attacked.  Infrastructure wiped out.  Water destroyed.  California is being droughted out.  Weather can be used to bring countries to their knees.

Forests are being destroyed by fire.  The sun is being blocked by a massive amount of material, and we’re all breathing it in.  The spraying is being increased around the globe very rapidly.

Psychopaths run the world.  The more they spray, the less it will rain.  Russia is trying to shine some light on these issues.  The rest of the world’s governments are keeping quiet about the attack going on against humanity.  Some university staff are talking out.  The term ‘climate change’ is being used to condition people to accept geoengineering, which is altering the weather.  Weather being used to lock down populations, as well as make wars round the world.

The cost is astronomical.  We’re all frogs in boiling water.  We’re all breathing in lethally harmful materials.  This stuff is clogging us up.  Alzheimers is surging across the world.  Autism.  The global depopulation policy is being applied without panicking people.  We’re being sprayed like rats.  Agenda 21, eugenics appear to be part of this equation.  Biological weapons are being tested on populations.  Heavy metals are endocrine disruptors.  Governments wants us to go back and go shopping.

Geoengineering is killing the planet.  Plankton stocks worldwide are down 50%.  Anchovy fleet no fish.  The food chain is breaking down.  Some may be Fukushima radiation.  Bee populations are collapsing – radio frequencies, and chemicals.  Einstein said that the day bees collapse, humans will collapse four years later.  Global fish populations down 90%.  We are losing 200 species a day – 10,000 times faster than before.  Algae blooms are killing oceans.  Eco-system collapse.  Massive fish die-off.

Rising CO2 levels kill off marine life.  Acidity.  The oceans, he claims, are warming rapidly.  The use of hydrocarbons are a form of geo-engineering.  Other forms of energy would stop this.

He claims sea levels are rising rapidly.  I don’t see any evidence for that myself.  It’s interesting to hear a climate alarmist realising that the world’s government is behind a lot of what we are told is manmade climate change.  He’s a good presenter, and should convince many of what he says.

His talk appealed to me as I can see a big increase in chemtrails in our sky – hundreds or even thousands a day where, maybe five years ago, there were only dozens.  The air that we all breathe must be affected.  The aluminium must be having an effect on our brains as well as many other toxins – both known and unknown.



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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    Braemar Gathering,

  2. logoagogo says:

    Bristol Labour website has been hacked:

    It now reads

    What happened to The LabourBristol website?
    I think the more important question is, what happened to the Labour party?

    Quite simply the party has been under attack by a movement led by two Elitists from privileged backgrounds, portraying themselves as acting on behalf of the working man. One of those people is James Schneider, who grew up in a £7 million mansion thanks to proceeds of huge alleged fraud who voted Green and Lib dem at the last two elections. The other is Jon Lansman who also grew up in luxury and attended Cambridge, with links to a tax shelter finance group.

    The private company they are using as their vehicle to seize power is Momentum Campaigns Ltd.

    They promote themselves as a working class peoples movement, as anti-establishment. But they are anything but. Jon Lansman has been involved in politics for many, many years, and is firmly part of the establishment. They say they want an end to career politicians, but Corbyn is a career politician – he was a councillor then an MP, he’s never known any other kind of job.

    Read on for the truth about Momentum and Corbyn. Now or after you’ve read more, please sign up to Saving Labour.

    (see link for more)

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