Every Year Is Always the Hottest Because of Very Small Amounts of Manmade Carbon


By Daily Bell Staff – August 19, 2016


Every Month This Year Has Been the Hottest in Recorded History  … On Wednesday, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that July was the hottest month ever recorded on our planet, since modern record-keeping began in 1880. –Motherboard (here)

Once again, as almost always it seems, we are confronted with “facts” about global warming.

The point of such propaganda is to make it impossible for people to live without some sort of government mandate regarding how they use power and for what purposes.

If there is global warming, it is probably coming from some sort of natural adjustment the sun has made that is stimulating heat in certain regions (here).

In the US, the drought in California is related, first of all, to changes in weather patterns, specifically prevailing winds (here).

This is not usually properly reported. Instead any prospective elements of additional atmospheric warmth are attributed to “manmade carbon.” This becomes especially ludicrous when an argument can be made that over time the earth is probably more likely to cool than heat up.

The amount of “manmade” carbon is really infinitesimal when put in the  proper atmospheric context (here). Despite the paucity, this tiny portion is said to provide the “tipping” point – plunging the world into molten despair.

Obvious fraud, manipulation of statistics, and outright lies populate the global warming movement (here).

In fact, global warming – climate change now – continues to be flogged because the stakes of establishing it are high indeed.

Using global warming/climate change as a justification to control people’s behavior and ultimately to mandate a universal tax is part of a larger internationalist effort.

When you are forbidden to use some kinds of power, forbidden to drive long distances, and elaborately taxed on your consumption of household energy, you will know the memes involved with climate change are being successfully implemented.



Let’s use our word’s a bit more precisely folks…. There are enough misconceptions about this issue already without our side adding to the confusion.

The “Climate Alarmists”, liars all, are talking about “manmade” CO2, not manmade “carbon”

CO2 is not “carbon”… Calling it “carbon” is like calling H2O “hydrogen”…

Remember the facts:

Total atmospheric CO2, represents less than 3/10ths of 1% of the total volume of our atmosphere. Of the total CO2, less than 4% comes from human activities. That equals 1 part out of every 62,500 parts of our atmosphere. No rational person could possibly believe that such a statistically insignificant amount of a clear, odorless & tasteless gas, that all plant life requires in order to grow, could possibly be doing any harm to life on earth.

In fact the truth is just the opposite. WARMING IS GOOD!

The only type of climate change which has ever posed any threat to life of earth is extreme cooling. Human civilization has always thrived during the earth’s warm periods, while it has always suffered, starved and died during our cold periods. The reason is obvious… plants don’t grow well in cold climates. When plants & crops fail, all animal life that depends on them suffers as well…

Every time we use bull$hit phrases like “carbon footprint” we help the enemy perpetuate the lie…. They want us to think of CO2 as being the same as “soot”…. it’s not.

CO2 can’t cause “black lung disease”…..

Without CO2 NOTHING could be GREEN!

Climate change, while in truth a complex science, has only one primary cause, and that cause is the constantly changing cycles of solar activity. The actual terminology we hear most often is about “Sun Spots”… Real atmospheric physicists know a lot about these cycles which are many and complex, but the fact is that the earth is actually relatively cool right now, and there is no climate crisis on the horizon for any of us to be concerned about.

Nor is there any risk of damage to our environment from the use of coal, oil, natural gas or any hydrocarbon based fuels, of which the USA actually has the largest reserves in the world.


The next time anyone tries to spread this BS propaganda to you, you should look them in the eye, laugh out loud, and say “It’s the sun stupid” and then turn and walk away…….. keep laughing and walking, and don’t let them them try to argue the issue with you, because all you’ll hear is more lies….

Let’s keep our eyes on the ball folks…. We have real and serious problems to deal with right now…. let’s not let ourselves be distracted by any more of this faux environmentalist bull$hit…. Our planet is actually doing quite well right now… Mother nature is on the job, and she’s doing just fine.

Source: http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/every-year-is-always-the-hottest-because-of-very-small-amounts-of-manmade-carbon/


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  1. Tapestry says:

    The output of heat, and other forms of energy from the sun affects all the planets in the solar system, so that warming on earth is usually accompanied by warming in the other planets. This information is kept away from the public. Otherwise we’d work out we’re being hoodwinked.

    Climate in California is being heavily attacked with rain-destroying interventions. While Louisiana is attacked with hurricanes whipped up and directed by HAARP technology. These are acts of war, not of weather.

  2. Scotty says:

    watch ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ free on Youtube.
    Channel 4 programme forom 2004 (I think)

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