EU on the brink of collapse


The Daily Express also reports today that the EU is on the brink of collapse if its trade deal with Canada hits the skids.

The paper says the EU’s director general for trade Jean-Luc Demarty said EU businessand industry will be “close to death” if both parties cannot agree the deal. The EU is facing public opposition towards Brussels’ trading policy and in what’s described as a “devastating blow for Brussels”, it needs all of its 38 national and regional parliaments to agree the deal for it to be signed by Canada, which could result in delays and possible vetoes to the agreement.

And in a further blow Jamie Dimon, CEO of American banking behemoth JP Morgan Chase, is quoted in The Daily Express making the prediction the zone’s currency is facing crisis as amid signs of a major slowdown across the continent.

The top banker said a collapse of the Euro could happen as soon as 2021, saying: “It may take more than five years, but it may very well happen.”

 No fudges – let’s get on with it

Interesting read in The Daily Express today  from Lord Stevens – We have no right to ignore the will of the people. Well worth a read.

Roger Helmer MEP


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