Edward Snowden tweets encryption code. What’s coming out?

This commenter asks is he dead and is this a dead man’s release?

He ends by saying ‘these are dangerous times.  Don’t get caught on the wrong side of events.’

TAP – Or is he simply keeping level with Assange.   Assange is letting Hillary’s emails go, which reveal her activities supplying ISIS with weaponry, and much else, after her private server was hacked.

Edward Snowden Not Dead: ‘He’s Fine’ Says Glenn Greenwald After Mysterious Tweet

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Snowden issued a cryptic 64-character code via Twitter leading to concern that the whistleblower was captured or killed triggering a “dead man’s switch” message designed to release if he didn’t check into his computer at a certain time.

A journalist with The Intercept who has worked extensively with the whistleblower in the past says that Snowden is “fine,” but refused to elaborate further. The response from the journalist comes in the wake of two mysterious tweets by the famed NSA whistleblower who exposed a rampant regime of domestic surveillance by US intelligence agencies.

The first Tweet, reported by SputnikNews earlier this week said “it’s time” and called on his colleagues from the NSA to contact a reporter who was covering the full story of the whistleblower’s actions as a US intelligence agency contractor and the circumstances that led him to engage in the greatest document leak in American history.

The second Tweet, issued on Friday night came in the form of a 64-character code that some believed was a “dead man’s switch” designed to trigger a massive document release if Snowden failed to check into his computer at a certain time due to death or capture. The whistleblower has been public about the fact that he has distributed encrypted files to trusted journalists and associates in the event that something happened to him.

Furthering concern for the whistleblower’s well being was the sudden take down of several major torrent websites without warning within minutes of Edward Snowden releasing the mysterious code.

However, The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald confirmed on Saturday that Edward Snowden is “fine.” This assurance was corroborated by another trusted journalist, Barton Gellman, who said that “everyone requesting proof of life for me and Edward Snowden, take a deep breath” and he alluded to the mysterious Twitter message saying that “some tweets have private meaning.”



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