David Icke in Melbourne – punchy, brave and funny


At the start he’s very relaxed, taking the piss out of the Australian government’s attempts to control his message, this is fun to watch.

I saw him live in Wembley three years ago.   He still has the humour, but is now trying to delve into much deeper subject matter, which is much harder to put across to a live audience.

He believes that explaining who we are is the key to understanding how to escape the totalitarian state closing in around us.  He muddles in the idea that everything is an illusion, that reality itself is a form of virtual reality.  Everything only exists in our own heads, and it is the decoding process in our minds which the matrix aims to limit and control.

He has the same elements in his talk as he used to have, but the more esoteric explanations he engages with are frankly much easier to take in reading one of his books, than in a talk.

He’s at his best getting the audience laughing along with him, for example doing his non-comply dance, or mimicking the Mr Average watching television, and making the power structure the butt of his jokes, better than when he’s getting into the scientific depths, some of which are hard to fathom.   Like the rest of us he’s not getting any younger, and he’s losing a little of his fluency, as his memory searches for a phrase here and there.

He’s still a phenomenon, and a source I and many others owe a lot to.  He’s very much on the right side of the account, when it comes to humanity and keeping our freedoms.  I only watched an hour out of his nine hours.  I hope he punches home the message like he used to do, once he engages with the more substantial material – like Saturn and the details of the multiple conspiracies we live within.  I wish I had the time to watch him.   His record is unbelievable, the amount of energy and time he dedicates to trying to get the world to awaken before the wars and political conflicts overwhelm us.



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