Cut EU ties now and grab 4% growth rate

Patrick Minford said ditching Brussels immediately will lead to increased economic growth and a boost to living standards.

The Cardiff University professor called on the Prime Minister to “save us all time” and walk away from “the EU lock, stock and barrel”.

And he also said the Government should focus on scoring trade deals with countries across the globe, which could lead to economic growth of up to four per cent.


Patrick Minford urges “Cut EU ties now”

Distinguished economist Professor Patrick Minford, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, has urged the UK to cut ties with the EU immediately, rather than becoming engaged in endless bickering over details. He insists that Britain would be better off with a global free trade model rather than seeking to pick up the pieces of a post-Brexit relationship with Brussels. He makes good sense — there is a risk that at this rate we shall still be engaged in pre-Article 50 discussions for months or years.

Jane Collins MEP: “No free movement”

UKIP MEP Jane Collins (Yorkshire) has slammed down a hint from Boris Johnson that some concessions of free movement might be a price worth paying for EU market access. She’s right — as all UKIP members and most Leave voters will agree. If we voted for anything, it was for an end to EU budget contributions, an end to EU laws — and an end to free movement. We cannot and must not compromise on any of those points.

Roger Helmer MEP


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