Clinton wants war with Russia. Trump says he wants peace with Russia. It’s a no brainer.


Michael Morell’s call for the assassination of Russian forces is another landmark disclosure of Western policy. Apart from grave legal issues of countenancing war crimes, Morell is plainly saying: US-backed terrorists are being defeated and we have to do something drastic about that by rearming them and directing them to murder Russian servicemen.

Only a few weeks ago, US Secretary of State John Kerry went to Moscow ostensibly with a proposal to Putin from President Obama for American and Russian forces to form a joint anti-terror combat front in Syria. This is after months of the Americans refusing to share information with Russia on terrorist locations, or even helping in clarifying which groups Washington considers terrorist and which it considers «moderates».

Kerry’s «offer» was only a ruse to inveigle Moscow to betray its Syrian ally. Moscow wasn’t buying the stupid American duplicity. And Moscow’s skepticism is vindicated.

Ex-CIA chief Michael Morell is now, in effect, giving the long overdue clarification. Washington is on the side of the terrorists in Syria. It is so displeased with the strategic defeat that Russia has inflicted on the Americans’ regime-change terror assets that Washington is contemplating taking the war to Russia.

For observers wearied by the American deception and duplicity in Syria over the past five years, Morell’s explicit endorsement of Washington-sanctioned murder is a welcome confirmation.

The disclosure is particularly apt. Morell served in the CIA from 2010-2013 and worked closely with Hillary Clinton on Syria policy when she was Secretary of State. His recent public support of state-sanctioned terrorism is therefore nothing more than covert American business-as-usual.

Syria and Russia need to wipe out the terrorist remnants in Aleppo in the next three months. Because if Clinton becomes president, with Murder Inc people like Morell in her cabinet, the Syrian conflict may very well escalate into an all-out war with Russia.


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