Child abuse – the engine of British politics. Goddard’s resignation.

Justice Goddard resigns, the third Chairman to do so.  Why?  Is the enquiry even real?  Her excuses seem a little lame, even laughable.  She was very highly paid, and must have more reason to go than she’s missing her family in New Zealand.  What are the real reasons she’s going?  Why do politicians do nothing about child abuse?  Brian Gerrish offers some answers.

The enquiry was never intended to reveal the truth, or to do anything about it.

Had Justice Goddard, like the two previous Chairwomen, lost the confidence of the victims and survivors?  Or was there government interference causing her to resign instantly?

Her contract requires her to give three months notice.  Yet she says she’s offering her resignation with immediate effect.  The published resignation letter looks as if it’s been tampered with.  It looks amateurish and hasty.  We’re clearly not getting the truth here.

The reply of The Home Secretary implies that Justice Goddard has done all she can to get the story of the victims and the survivors heard.  It’s full of weasel words.  No reasons are given at all as to why Goddard has to go, or why she doesn’t have to work her notice period.

Have the perpetrators brought political pressure to bear?  The Scottish Child Abuse Enquiry committee resigned quoting government interference.  This was made explicit in the resignations.  In this resignation, there is no reason given.  She’s leaving in a big hurry.  Has she been threatened?  She talks of her beloved family.  It would make sense that she’s been threatened and she fears for herself or her family.  The engine that drives British politics, that is child abuse won’t be rolling over to allow a proper enquiry to take place, it’s pretty obvious.

Gerrish says it’s the blackmail threat that keeps politicians in line.  In my opinion, it’s not as simple as that.  It’s also the reward factor.  Paedophiles want a steady supply of child victims, and only if they work as politicians, judges or police can they get into a position where their requirements for the evil exploitation, even killing, of children, be provided for.  The deal is this – they do what they’re told to do, and they will be supplied with what they want. The exposure or blackmail is actually not so likely to take place, as the system would be giving itself away if it exposed what politicians are really up to in Westminster and across the world.

The world runs on the Roman system of rewarding politicians with child victims, trained to meet their needs, and which are disposed of (i.e. killed) before they can tell the world what’s going on.  Prior to Rome, the world was run by eunuchs.  Only castrated men could serve as public servants and be granted delegated powers by kings or governments.  Rome made castration illegal and found that the best way to run their empire was by putting paedophiles in charge of it, and providing them with what they wanted.  They would comply with the requests of government as the price for getting the children supplied to them to rape and murder.  The same system goes on all across the world to this very day.  It’s no surprise that no public enquiry can ever be allowed to take place.  Death threats to over-zealous judges, or their families, would be very much in order.

Other possibilities are that the dam is about to burst and she doesn’t want to be in office when this happens.  Or she has been pushed as she’s not cunning enough to handle the required presentational demands of a government that doesn’t want the truth to come out.  Other errors in the resignation letter were picked up by Rosenberg, a BBC lawyer.  She’s wrongly referred to as a QC in both her own letter (which is very odd indeed) and the mistake replicated in the reply to her from The Home Office.





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  1. Aldous says:

    “She’s leaving in a big hurry. Has she been threatened?”

    My guess is, she hasn’t been threatened at all; but the enormity of the establishment pedophile cesspool she has allowed herself to get immersed in may have suddenly and finally hit home big time – possibly after receiving or unearthing some horrific evidence that most of us have been aware of for a very long time.

    If the can do away with Diana, they can certainly do away with the likes of Justice Goddard.

    “Other errors in the resignation letter were picked up by Rosenberg, a BBC lawyer.” [NOTHING but NOTHING is happening by chance here.]

    Joshua Rosenberg (a Jew obviously) is the husband of Jewess Melanie Phillips:

    Melanie Phillips is a British journalist, author and public commentator. She started on the left of the political spectrum, writing for The Guardian and New Statesman. During the 1990s she came to identify with more right-wing ideas [BELIEVE THAT AND YOU’LL BELIEVE ANYTHING] and currently writes for The Times, The Jerusalem Post and The Jewish Chronicle, covering political and social issues from a social conservative perspective. Phillips defines herself as a liberal who has “been mugged by reality”.

    And Jesus Wept

    • Men Scryfa says:

      During the advance on Vinnitsiya people like Melanie Philip’s and their babies were being thrown out of 5th Floor Windows.

      Karma’s a bitch.

      (Black Talmud Magic not so strong then, bit like Janner and Clement Freud…lol)

  2. approveds says:

    She left because she had learned about cover-ups in the UK, while talking to the Australian Secret Service

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