Chemtrails are called SAI by the CIA.

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No longer a conspiracy.  Geoengineering is happening now, and that includes aerosol spraying of the stratosphere to block the sun.   No wonder August in England is as cold as October.  We are being deliberately deprived of heat.  This claims the CIA director talking in the video will buy us time against global warming to wean ourselves off what he calls fossil fuels.  Nice that they finally admit to what they’ve been doing for at least twenty years.

Climate change is manmade, you see – not by you and me going about our daily lives, but by crackpot power-hungry organisations like the CIA, who need climate change to justify more and more global government.  Spraying the sky, which we can see going on above our heads most days of our lives, is a political programme against mankind, a way to suppress our health and our economic strength, and ultimately our population.

SAI is cheap.  It only costs $10 billion a year to deprive mankind and nature of sunlight.



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  1. Human says:

    It is much more than so called solar radiation management, as is taught in schools to brats, I mean children. I have witnessed chemtrailing at 4am. There gas been no obvious chemtrailing for a month where I live, blue skies and usual fluffy white clouds. It’s cold for August, especially so soon after a heat wave. The sun’s not blocked, in fact it’s brighter as I can’t focus outside any more with the sun out full, I even need to squint in the shade and looking down, it’s not dimmed, that’s a lie. Heat involves more than just sun, there is jet stream wind movement that pushes heat and cold about which is why you can have very hot heat waves in March and cold in August as we have now. I do think it’s all man made, as in weather technician made but there is more than we understand to it.
    Besides, the heat is not good for all, it’s stuffy and unpleasant for many, I prefer the cold, not freezing, after all we’re in England not Africa and not cut out for oven heat.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Jet stream is moved by raising the ionosphere, by heating it up using HAARP. That draws the cold further south or the heat further north depending on the method used. The tendency is to use the jet stream to cut food production, making it colder here, and hotter where there is not enough rain. It all helps to keep food prices high, make GMO more likely to be necessary, which in turn cuts health levels and cuts population.

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