6 Responses to “Can you survive four minutes?”

  1. Nollidge says:

    White House Emails Reveal Largest Plot Ever Discovered To Destroy America:-


    • Men Scryfa says:

      Interesting website, the presentation is a bit mad though maybe that is appropriate for the times we live in, not sure about the quotes from Albert Einstein and Simon Weisenthal though…

  2. Gordon says:

    Worse still, can you imagine a lifetime with this. She would crack my head too. Poor Bill, but then birds of a feather and all that.

  3. ferryt says:

    One second is enough, but that’s the point isn’t it?

    Wtf again wtf is farage doing giving speeches for trump?

  4. archer says:

    She’s no worse than the rest of the rotten bunch.

    Her and Trump are two sides of the same coin.

    Was there not a post on Tap a few weeks ago exclaiming, ‘out of 300m Americans, we narrowed it down to these two?!’ (Or wtte)…

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