Businesses can grow much faster outside the EU

Lord Heseltine makes a mockery of democracy 

The Daily Express reports how Lord Heseltine made a mockery of British democracy today as he claimed the people’s vote on Brexit was not valid as it could only be pushed through by the House of Commons.

Speaking on Radio 4 this morning, the former Tory leadership contender said: “The jury is out. The referendum has said Brexit but no one knows what Brexit is. “

With respect Lord Heseltine, I think the people of the UK do understand what they voted for…

PM to seek views of small business owners


Reuters reports that Theresa May will ask small businesses to set out what they want from Brexit negotiations so they can take advantage of the UK leaving the EU. The Prime Minister will today host a round table with small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 250 employees and trade associations in Downing Street, including the Federation of Small Businesses and British Chambers of Commerce.

Roger Helmer MEP

TAP – The removal of ownership rights to sales areas from manufacturer’s agents would be most helpful.  EU regulations have granted excessive rights to compensation to manufacturer’s sales agents if they are removed from their sales areas, retire or die.  The obligations on manufacturers are onerous and are preventing companies from hiring agents as they used to do, preferring salaried staff.  This stops small businesses from being able to set up sales forces without heavy costs.  Without sales, they can’t grow, just like the big corporations like it to be.  Brexit will help business to grow much faster and stop wasting their time by making their agents too powerful and lazy.  They should have a right to earn commission, as previously, not to bust the companies that hire and pay them.

Coming out of the EU will boost Britain’s economy in that way, as well as permitting smaller companies to sell outside the EU.  Trade agreements will bring the ludicrous rates of duty down to more manageable proportions – like what is often a rate of over 100% currently in China to say 2%.  The EU is a blockade to trade internally as well as externally.

People say in comments things like why should we care about business owners.  That misses the point.  A more productive economy will have higher living standards across the board.  Only corporations make profits by getting rid of staff, and cutting wages and salaries.  Small and medium sized businesses create jobs and compete to keep good staff by raising wages and salaries as they are able.   Restricted access to markets is the limiting factor right around.


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  1. Scotty says:

    BRexit means just that exit! The vote was not BRnegotiate!
    Full exit first – then talk about negotiations.
    M.S is right though – British people don’t know what they’ve voted for, because most don’t know the powers behind the EU. The Vatican, Jesuits, the Antichrist, the seat of Satan.

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