BREXIT vote was far bigger than 17 million

Ian Crane calls it the psy-op.  Brian Gerrish adds his views to Ian Crane’s.  Anecdotal evidence is that the OUT vote was far bigger than the published 17 million vote.

Deutsche Bank official says the EU is getting to a very dangerous level, and he voted OUT.  Lots of anecdotal evidence.

More on the Brexit ‘psyop’.  Better stop now.  The Mrs has had enough!


7 Responses to “BREXIT vote was far bigger than 17 million”

  1. Tom74 says:

    I don’t think so. More likely the Remain vote was much bigger – but foreign money and funny business stole it, as a way to divide Europe.
    I don’t believe for a moment that 17 million people voted against the EU, especially in areas that benefited from EU money and had no reason to trust braying Westminster twits like Johnson.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Honestly Tommy I do. I heard it was 70% Leave as it turned out to be too big to rig for the paedo protectors at the local branch of Mossad (aka MI5).
      Round my way they were coming out the graves just to Vote No to Europe. I had to fight my way past the colostomy bags, zimmer frames and wheel chairs just to cast my vote. I am not joking the Good Lord was calling forward his people to spit in the face of Evil and Thank God He Did!
      Prasie the LORD.

    • Human says:

      No way was stay bigger, there was not one person I knew who voted to stay in… tell a lie, two women at work voted to stay in, they were scared about loosing their visa’s.
      It shows how many dumb people there are in this country though, only the dumb could be effectively convinced to stay in the oligarchs plunder club.

  2. Human says:

    Crane, the light on top of the pyramid, another agent incognito, not one of them can refrain from boasting and showing off with their logo’s, either that or bad choice of design, I doubt that.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Ian Crane says the top of the pyramid logo is because the top piece is missing. No one knows what it was made of, and it’s purpose is hidden. He reintroduces the pyramid top implying that secret knowledge is no longer hidden. The previously invisible is becoming visible.

    • Human says:

      Hmmm, thinking in line with the cabal and pushing their line too, wonder what he would say about the ‘blue beam’ emanating from within, fulfilment of the of the old prophesy I suppose.
      Could have fooled me.

  4. Neil_Duran says:

    Can only go off my own experiences and sampling but the out of Europe was in the ratio of 4:1 to leave Europe.

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