Are you a Diesel Dolly?


Brexit Britain might be a far better place to be living in than pre-Brexit Britain was.  See earlier post.  But there is one thing I see in Britain which I find hard to explain and also extremely irritating, and it is this.

Why do women sit in their cars texting their friends with the engine running?  I don’t mean they do it for just five seconds but sometimes for ten minutes or more.   If the car is a diesel, and in the majority of cases, it is, a cloud of noxious fumes gathers around the vehicle which all passing pedestrians are forced to breathe.  As I have had to battle with toxic effects of farm sprays for most of my life, I find the deliberate and unnecessary poisoning of the air extremely annoying.

On occasions I have made the offender open their window and ask them to turn off their engines, especially when they are parked outside school, where there are usually at least two of them at it, blocking badly needed spaces for other parents, and  poisoning passing children into the bargain.  Invariably this sensible request is received as the greatest insult, and the driver immediately shuts the window again, refusing to reply, although I note they usually do turn off their engines, and that they are able to carry on texting without the car running.

The behavior is baffling.  It costs money to run an engine for ten minutes with the car not moving.  A diesel engine does make a very satisfying deep tick-over sound, I know.  If their lives are so lacking in other forms of satisfaction, the response these women get from their throbbing engines might be doing something to make up for any lack of attention from their husbands.  Or is it that the noise brings out the best in their creative writing skills?   As a mere man, I can’t see what the benefits of this behavior can possibly be.   All I think is why should the rest of us put up with it?

These poisoners and wasters should be called Diesel Dollies, and their anti-social behavior exposed.  Other than this aspect of their lives, I am sure they otherwise make for great mothers and wonderful friends.  They just need someone to point out how dumb they are being while they sit in their cars apparently unaware of the effect they are having on other people walking past them unnoticed through their toxic cloud.

We have to fight against growing environmental pollution from sources beyond our reach such as chemtrails, nuclear power and industrial waste leaching into food and water.  We surely have to do battle with the toxicity we can negotiate with, however unpopular this makes us.  People should only buy diesel cars as a last resort, and then they should be aware they are using a form of fuel which might be cheaper to run, but is twenty times more toxic than petrol or gasoline.  People rush outside to smoke a cigarette to protect others from a supposed threat.  The effects on health of diesel are far greater than the effects of cigarette smoke, yet no one says a word – apart from me that is.


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