Why did Rupert Murdoch switch sides over Britain in the EU?

TAP.  One of the unspoken truths of Brexit is that the normally EU-compliant Rupert Murdoch has broken out in favour of LEAVE right across his media empire.  Why has the longterm europhile changed tack, you might well wonder?  Why has he been seen dining out alongside Nigel Farage and Liam Fox?  What’s his gameplan here?

Richard Branson has been sensing an opportunity to get a share of Murdoch’s media privileges, such as his monopoly with Premier League football, or BSKYB and satellite broadcasting, and has let it be known he’s willing to come down strongly in favour of REMAIN and a second referendum, in return for a piece of politically privileged media action.

Murdoch, who politically is a lot smarter than Branson, must be seeing two things.  One is that he need no longer fear the EU’s competition commissioner, who always insisted Murdoch used his media privileges to hold Britain firmly inside the EU.  With UKIP polling 4 million votes at the General Election, and Britain’s biggest delegation in the EU parliament, it’s become pretty obvious to the wily Murdoch which way the political wind is blowing…and that wind has BREXIT written all over it.

As with Boris pitching for the leadership of LEAVE and attempting the win the Conservative leadership, the realisation that it won’t be long before UKIP’s 4 million votes will spiral up to an invincible 10 million.  The Conservative Party simply has to BREXIT right now or face oblivion.  It cannot continue a year longer without eradicating the causes of UKIP’s rise and rise.   Murdoch too knows he has to move ahead of the political wind to gain yet more media privileges and monopoly, and consolidate his hold over British media.   Theresa may apparently has joined in with the wind followers, abandoning REMAIN and now leading the BREXIT process as Prime Minister.  You might say Murdoch gambled and won the referendum.

But not all of the NWO/globalist warmakers seemed to want Britain to vote OUT in the referendum.  The Jo Cox assassination was a typical pre-vote psy-op, as used in Sweden when Anna Lindt was killed in 2003.  The MOSSAD end of the NWO machine, which carries out events like the London bombing on 7/7, was clearly not yet persuaded of the necessity for Britain to break out of the EU.  Murdoch must have been disobeying orders, or at least not listening to those of a Zionist persuasion who were doubting his strategy.  The intention had clearly been to fix the poll with automatic vote counting machines.  Yet these malfunctioned and had been rendered useless by someone who wanted the OUT vote to succeed.

If Murdoch has played his cards correctly politically, as he is wont to do, he must also have been ready to move financially on the back of this drama.  The Pound was due to make its usual 8 year sixty point mega-drop by Christmas.  Did BREXIT enable Murdoch to bet on the fall in sterling coming through earlier wrong-footing Soros who was betting the other way?  It is possible.  Is he also seeing more longterm strategic advantages in a cheaper pound – at least for a period?  Can he now cash in his currency gains to boost his control of politics in Britain to an even higher level?


Or does he actually want Britain out of the EU, now he’s married Jerry Hall in London recently?  He is quoted as saying it’s like a prison break.  Is he too sick of the restrictions same as the rest of us, and the immigration problems?  Or are his sons asking him to clear the way for them to expand business in Britain, and trade into India and China?

Murdoch’s also a supporter of Donald Trump.  Is he tiring of his association with the Zionists and their warmaking ways everywhere?  Has getting married to Hall softened his heart, and he’s mellowing in his old age?

The Guardian writes –

Murdoch’s comments suggest that the Sun newspaper reflected his own Eurosceptic views, although the paper’s editor, Tony Gallagher, has made no secret of his own dislike of the EU in a series of leaders since he was appointed last September.

In a sign that Boris Johnson may not win immediate backing for any Conservative leadership campaign, Murdoch said that if Johnson backtracked on promises made during the referendum campaign on serious matters – presumably including immigration – this would trigger “another bloody revolt”.

The owner of Fox television station and Sky also made positive comments about Trump, the Republican candidate for the US presidency, and compared his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, unfavourably to her husband.
21:32, 29 JUN 2016 UPDATED 22:07, 29 JUN 2016
It is understood financial advisors are urging him to seize the opportunity offered by falling share prices

Rupert Murdoch could cash in on Brexit chaos by buying satellite broadcaster Sky, it has emerged.

The Daily Mirror understands financial advisers to the media mogul are urging him to seize the opportunity offered by falling share prices, the plunging pound and government paralysis to snap up the 60.86% of Sky he does not already own.

Murdoch , whose Sun newspaper backed a UK vote to quit the EU, is thought likely to launch any bid through his 21st Century Fox outfit.

A market source with knowledge of the situation said it was originally thought any buyer for the rest of the broadcaster would have to pay at least £15 a share, but weaker sterling has made that more feasible.

The source said: “At the moment, because of the currency, Murdoch could afford to pay that easily. If he decides to go for it, this is the time.”

Another factor thought likely to persuade Murdoch to make his move sooner rather than later is the prospect of a possible bid battle for Sky with other media giants, such as Time Warner.

Banking giant Lloyds cutting 640 jobs following Brexit vote
The source said: “A lot of other major media companies are looking at it (Sky).”

In January, Sky said Fox boss James Murdoch was taking over as chairman of Sky, having been a director on the company’s board since February 2003.

He hinted last year that Fox was unhappy owning just 39.14% of the satellite broadcaster.

ReutersThe stock market has suffered since the Brexit vote
The Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying in October: “Over time, having 40% of an unconsolidated asset is not an end state that is natural for us.”

London-listed Sky paid £6.9bn in 2014 to snap up its sister businesses in Germany and Italy.

James Murdoch said last year that the integration of the Sky businesses in Europe was going well.

His father backed off from a bid to buy Sky UK in 2011 following the phone-hacking scandal in Britain, which led to the closure of his Sunday tabloid The News of the World.

Sky shares closed 34p up at 853p.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Heads Up ! — Coup Now Taking Place In Turkey – Footage


    More here


    Newt Gingrich gave Rupert his US citizenship which allowed him to broadcast his poison.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Just watching some CNN bullsh*te on this site to see what the MSM is saying


      “The fight against ISIS”, “The US is trying to work out what is going on and who the Turkish Peace Council is”…

      It makes me laugh, ho ho ho, they might as well go on camera and wheel out the CIA station chief along with the top Mossado and live stream the orders they are sending out to direct the coup

      What a state we are in in the world when a mass murdering criminal like Erdogan is the only one fighting this evil

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Here is another one “Coup attempt in Turkey: What we know so far”


    “What we know so far”…do us a favour, what we know so far is what we knew yesterday and what we know tomorrow, which is that the Globalists and Organized Jewry are still in control. Until that changes and until mainstream websites like that in the link above recognize that, then “what we know” will not change and neither will the world.

    Criminals, shyster, perverts, paedophiles and crooks.

    Purveyors of pornography and promulgators of primitive pre-christian religous tribal cults that is what they are

    And anyone who did not speak out against them should be cursed to Hell.

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