Why Dark UK Powers are Urgently Trying to Remove Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn faced criticism over his appointment of Mr McDonnell during his first stint at Prime Minister's Questions

It’s the Iraq War Inquiry (Chilcot) Next Week!

by liverpoolwin

Jeremy Corbyn is a good guy, he was never meant to get to power, he represents the people, not just the British people, but humanity itself. People like this aren’t meant to get to power as they are the enemy of the corporations and the Elite.

So what’s really going on here, why is it suddenly so urgent for powers in the UK to remove Corbyn from power? The truth is amazingly simple and is not being discussed in the mainstream media. In less than one week from now, the inquiry into the Iraq War (Chilcot Inquiry) is going to release it’s findings, Corbyn was strongly opposed to the Iraq War and he would like to see the key figures who backed it brought to justice, such as Tony Blair.

It is suspected that the inquiry will be a whitewash. The people currently trying to oust Corbyn from his leadership position are those who voted for the war, so they are living in fear of having their careers and reputations tarnished by their bad decision, they are hoping for a Chilcot whitewash which will go unchallenged. Corbyn would not allow a whitewash to go unchallenged, he would demand a real inquiry, and would call for Tony Blair to be tried for war crimes.

It isn’t just the politicians who are trying to get rid of Corbyn before Chilcot, but dark forces in the shadows who instigated the Iraq War, that’s why the media is also onboard and even David Cameron. Jeremy Corbyn has overwhelming support from his party members, as they want an honest leader with a solid moral compass.

If you’re in the UK (unlike me), I’d recommend you do what you can to help Jeremy Corbyn, you can join the Labour party to vote for him in any upcoming leadership contests. Also make sure you spread the word that this is really about Chilcot, that will make it a lot harder for the Iraq War criminals to get away with yet more deceit, lies and dirty tricks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/4qww2g/why_dark_uk_powers_are_urgently_trying_to_remove/



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