When the Gods are all at war with each other, it’s hard for us humans to know which way to tread

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When politicians don’t know they’re on camera, they speak something a little closer to the truth than they usually do.  It’s clear from Ken Clarke chatting with Malcolm Rifkind not realising they’re on camera in the video above, that the only Conservative leadership candidate who was sure he actually wanted to LEAVE the EU was Liam Fox.  That’s no doubt why Conservative MPs couldn’t get rid of him quickly enough.  Clarke uses a coded term, saying ‘Liam Fox is far more Right Wing than I am’, meaning Fox believes in freedom for our nation.  There is no right wing and left wing in this issue.  There’s only those who want humanity to be free, and those who want humanity enslaved and captured in control systems, people like Ken Clarke and Malcolm Rifkind.

Clarke says Gove wants as many wars as he can get.  Fox would have been more cautious.

Gove and May are the most ardent Zionists in the leadership game, and it looks like May will probably win, at this stage.  Unless Trump stops Clinton, war with nuclear armed Russia looks more likely.  The Zionists like Gove, May and Clinton really don’t mind how many people get killed, as long as their world government programme is pushed ahead with – and its attendant worldwide Islamic state.  Right at this moment, our prospects couldn’t possibly be worse.

Clarke doesn’t think Boris Johnson or Leadsom actually give a toss about leaving the EU.   He’s right about Leadsom, who is recently on record backing Britain’s membership of the EU.  I’m not so sure he’s right about Johnson, whose face looks bemused and confused by the enmity and savagery unleashed against him during his leadership bid.  Such treatment is not normally meted out to those who are pretending to be eurosceptic and pretending to want to LEAVE.  Boris looked and sounded like he wanted to be ‘king’ of an independent nation, and that upset the Ken Clarkes of this world.

There are obviously divisions within the Zionists about whether Britain should be inside the EU, or outside the EU.   Murdoch met with Fox and Farage at the weekend, suggesting again that he’s for out, as is his Sun newspaper.  Ken Clarke and Rifkind are clearly not for OUT, and the Mossad op to kill Jo Cox a few days before the BREXIT poll suggests they too are still REMAIN minded. The division over BREXIT travels right to the top of the pyramid, it seems, or at least fairly near the top.

Parliament looks as if it’s no longer able to countenance a genuine LEAVE leadership in any Party.  Labour’s Blairites are tearing Corbyn to shreds, who is acting REMAIN while in his heart he’s clearly LEAVE and anti-NATO, anti-war and so on.  His popularity is undiminished.


Shariah May, on the other hand, probably soon to be the next PM, is teaming up with Richard Branson to start advocating a second Referendum.  No doubt the £ will be dumped all the way down to parity with the Euro, or even the Dollar for a period, before it bounces back up again, as the powerful try and panic us.  Richard Branson is keen to keep in with the government and take advantage of Murdoch switching sides as regards the EU.  Branson smells opportunity and is willing to sacrifice some of his PR-acquired sainthood and popularity to grab some serious advantage.   He must be hoping to displace Murdoch’s satellite TV and Premier League monopolies.  Theresa May will want to ensure the media is not in opposition to her plans to reverse the referendum result.   Murdoch’s apparently tiring of the system that gave him his privileges. Branson’s more than  ready to sell his compatriots down the river to get a share of them.

The thing about Murdoch could be that he has to live somewhere, and he doesn’t want there to be an Islamic State, and be surrounded by such a boring world, in his own backyard.  He’s recently been married to Jerry Hall in London.  The Rothschilds live in the Home Counties.  Perhaps some of these people have had enough of the kind of society they’ve created.  Are they noticing that you just can’t get the same quality of staff anymore.  Even Prince Charles has had a pop at the Islamic takeover.  Sharia May might be taking over into a world that’s getting more and more confused about which direction to go in.  When the Gods are at war with each other, it’s very hard for us humans to know which way to tread.  Let’s hope they sort themselves out.


2 Responses to “When the Gods are all at war with each other, it’s hard for us humans to know which way to tread”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    The homosexual tendency within the Tory party, an often avoided subject.

    Homosexual men are not know for liking women, they secretly despise them.

    This antipathy is seen among fashion designers who take joy in cruelty to women. Straight men, yes do not always get on with women, but they know that sooner or later they really need them!

  2. Tom74 says:

    An astute piece. Most of this is smoke and mirrors, I’m sure, pending a black swan event or some kind of compromise deal with the EU. Ultimately, the City of London and the rich will not be allowed to lose money.
    It’s interesting that the inaccurate Sky poll on referendum night, Johnson falling on his sword and Clarke’s probably-not-unguarded remarks in the Sky studio all lead back to Murdoch.

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