Wayne Madsen – The EU: A Powerhouse Pedophile Hierarchy.

Do you remember the mysterious death of Antonin Scalia, US Supreme Court Judge, in a Masonic farmhouse in Texas? He was not only the protector of pedophiles in the highest echelons of the US administration – he was also the man to blackmail these vicious Masons to remain on the NWO path due to this vice.
On that occasion i wrote:

The following video is the worst I have ever heard: About Satanism in the UK. A Girl tells about her experiences from early childhood until teen-age: Sexual abuse in a “big house in the countryside”, raping by 20 rich persons, motherhood at 11, the baby was sacrificed to “Lucifer”, their God as were later babies too.  She was forced to eat miscarried fetuses. She was told she was married to Lucifer forever. A woman tells she was also initiated to be married to Satan at the age of 22.


Acc. to The Guardian 30 Jan. 2016, Europol chief Brian Donald says  10.000+ unaccompanied migrant children have disappeared – many of them snatched by organized traffickers for sex slavery.

Who are the diabolical, psychopathic, despicable persons abusing children? You will be amazed to learn the following. 

DJimmy-Savile-glass-eye-fingerringo you remember  the much-admired “media personality” and “philanthropist” Jimmy Savile – who abused hundreds of children, covered by the BBC?
Note his finger rings which occur cultic to me.
One ring is the glass eye of one of  the vSavile-glass-eye-medallionictims he murdered! He also made medallions of glasseyes of dead bodies he had sex with!
Sir Savile was connected with Prince Charles – and, therefore, knighted!
Madsen also mentions former Prime minister Edward Heath and other British politicians as pedophiles!

Jimmy Savile was a procurer of children not only for himself but also for wealthy pedophiles all across the world, particularly in Britain.  Was Savile involved in Madeleine McCann´s disappearance?

Forget the title of the video below. 4/5 of it is an Interview with investigative journalist Wayne Madsen on the “European Pedophile Industrial Complex” involving the high echelons of the EU, “our” politicians and royalty.


Wayne Madsen, Infowars 30 June 2016:  The EU: A Powerhouse Pedophile Hierarchy.
The EU enables investors to build and maintain “family friendly” resort complexes in countries like Portugal, Spain, and France.

These resorts actually cater to the whims of pedophiles. The EU also supports the political and social “ rights” of various practitioners of sexual deviancy, which provides legal cover for pedophiles to establish various NGOs across Europe to push their political agenda.

Two such outfits are the UK’s Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and its ally, the National Council for Civil Liberties, which advocate for the decriminalization of sex between adults and children as young as ten years of age.

In other words, the EU and member states like the UK have enabled a virtual continental-wide paradise for pedophiles

At his strangely-delayed 2004 trial, Dutroux claimed that he was part of a European-wide pedophile ring that included top officials of the police force and government.  On July 21, 2013, King Albert II, who had been rumored to have been involved in the Dutroux cover-up, surprised Belgium by announcing his abdication.dutroux-kabbalist

Right: Dutroux showing Kabbalistic hand sign

In a 2007 interview, French President Nicolas Sarkozy shocked France by saying he was “inclined to think that people are born pedophiles. Failing  to curtail pedophilia activities among top office holders, military officers, diplomats, the belief by the Bushes, Blair, Howard, and Sarkozy was based on a tenet that child sex, including child prostitution, should be as acceptable as less socially taboo sexual deviancy. The EU champions the rights and power of Europe’s pedophilocracy.

There is a large number of pedophiles  sitting on British judicial benches and whose only interest is protecting themselves and their colleagues from vigorous investigations.

The capital of the EU, Brussels, was ground zero for one of the worst pedophile cases in modern European history, the Dutroux Affair. From 1995 to 1996, Dutroux was convicted of raping and torturing six girls, ages 8 to 19, four of whom he murdered.  Dutroux received an early release on the order of Belgian Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet.

Madeleine McCann
DMadeleine-McCanno you remember the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007

When then prime minister Tony Blair in 2007 heard of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal, he immediately sent a PR spokeswoman down their to propagate the Downing Street 10 version of the case. However, this woman began prowling into the information from the Portuguese police and was immediately replaced by Downing street Press officer Clarence Mitchell who gave the Downing Street version of the case.

Pedophile Clement Freud (A grandson of Jewish Dr. Sigmund Freud – “Sexual restrictions lead to neuroses!”) owned a villa in Praia da Luz, very close to the Ocean Club Resort where Madeleine turned up missing. It has also been reported that Freud was acquainted with the McCanns and their three children.

praiadaluzPraia da Luz is a major center of pedophile activity in Europe.
Mitchell contracted with  Matthew Freud (a son of Clement Freud) to help handle media operations on the McCann case. 

Blair resigned as prime minister on June 27, 2007. However, his Chancellor of the Exchequer and successor, Gordon Brown, had already been on the phone to the McCanns as soon as their daughter went missing. There remains a real question why Brown took such a personal interest in Madeleine’s disappearance, even as he was changing jobs from chancellor to prime minister. Furthermore, why was Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, so involved with the McCann case in Portugal when that responsibility should have fell on Foreign Secretary David Miliband?

Many of those in Britain who have studied the McCann case in detail believe that Brown personally began interfering in the McCann investigation because of his own past involvement in pedophilia.

The Mitchell media machine and its London barristers managed to intimidate several independent media outlets that were vigorously pursuing the truth about Madeleine’s disappearance. These included the Portuguese newspaper Tal & Qual, which was sued and soon folded its operations.

Some of the same legal threats against the media reporting the truth about the McCann case were also employed against journalists investigating the pedophile scandal at the Haute de Garenne, a former children’s orphanage on the isle of Jersey. In 2008, small human remains were found on the grounds of the orphanage, which had been a favorite place for BBC pedophile Jimmy Saville to visit.

The phalanx of officialdom’s agents-of-influence that descended upon the McCanns was astounding for a kidnapping case.

So were the many individuals linked to the intelligence agency-linked Control Risks, the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6), as well as two fraudulent private investigative fronts that were actually frauds. Neither would have brought into the case without the assent of Mitchell, the McCann case spin doctor.

The only law enforcement officials not buying the British government’s vacuous theories were the Portuguese national police agency (PJ) that originally investigated Madeleine’s disappearance.
Their conclusion was that Madeleine had been murdered – blood traces in the a
ppartment and in the McCann car.

This was trashed by the British government’s spin team.
PJ lead investigator Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the McCann case after he expressed concerns that the British police were only interested in protecting the McCanns from any suspicion in their daughter’s disappearance. The order to remove Amaral came from the highest levels of the Portuguses government –under pressure from the british government acc. to Wayne (Video).

AmarMaddieal wrote a book about his finds. It was demanded banned by the McCanns who demanded damages of 600.000 euros. A court rejected the claim

Among the “connected” entities that involved themselves in Madeleine’s disappearance was the CIA- and MI6-connected Control Risks Group, a private security investigations firm that usually specialized in terrorism projects.

The British government’s Child Exploitation & Online Protection (CEOP) agency also became involved in the McCann case. The agency has a jaded history of doing more to cover up for pedophiles than in pursuing and bringing them to justice.

This is just another aspect of the NWO elite – being more and more exposed, however.
These Illuminati/Masons are above the law – as has just been demonstrated and here and here in  a different kind of crimes, viz. Hillary Clinton´s Criminal e-mail traffic and her factual  murdering the US ambassador in Benghazi forbidding US military to helping him:
The FBI boss will not sue her for that!

We cannot defeat this NWO. But each and every one of us can make a personal choice: Accept and cooperate with this kind of  new world (dis)order or accept the order of Jesus Christ, ask others to likewise, and turn your back on the NWO. In the old world order, this was called decency, a long forgotten word.
Dear friends: This choice is the very meaning of our lives.

Source: http://new.euro-med.dk/20160709-wayne-madsen-on-pedophilia-the-elite-on-lucifers-playground.php



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