CIA assassination attempt on Erdogan frustrated by Russia

CIA Agents Arrested In Turkey For Erdogan Assassination Attempt

President Putin has been notified of the arrest of two CIA agents who Turkey say shot down a Russian plane last November, and attempted to assassinate President Erdogan.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) for the Republic of Turkey, the two captured CIA pilots were not only responsible for shooting down the Russian Sukhoi Su-24m bomber over Syria last year, but also attempted to kill President Erdogan during the failed “coup” attempt a few days ago. reports:

The MoD further warned that the Obama regime was planning to kill President Erdogan in a coup and replace him the CIA’s “designated figurehead” Fethullah Gulen—and that Turkey’s MoFA confirmed just hours ago was behind this plot by stating that “the Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization is behind this coup attempt”.

Still not being told the American people about this latest failed Obama regime-CIA “adventure”, and that we reported on in our 17 July report Turkish Leader Praises Putin For Saving His Live—But Vows “Revenge” On Obama, is that the life of President Erdogan was only able to be saved due elite Federation Spetsnaz forces President Putin had ordered to protect him.
This SC report further states that on 15 July, when President Erdogan was in flight to Istanbul to counter the CIA-led coup forces against him, the same two pilots who had downed Su-24 bomber aircraft,locked on their air-to-air missiles to destroy Erdogan’s plane.

However, this report continues, upon these CIA pilots locking their missiles onto Erdogan’s plane in order to kill him, they were immediately ordered by their Obama regime controllers to “immediately abort” their mission and return to Incirlik Air Base—which at this very hour Turkish forces are now searching.
Not just these two pilots were ordered by the CIA to abort their mission, this report notes, but, in fact, all Turkish, NATO and American aircraft were ordered to immediately return to their bases too throughout the entire Levant War Zone.

Without air cover to protect them, this report says, these CIA coup forces were overwhelmed by both Turkish police forces and ordinary citizens and President Erdogan was able to land safely in Istanbul to guide them to victory.

Stunningly, this SC report reveals that the reason for the CIA ordering all of their aircraft supporting their coup to be grounded was due to President Putin’s “threat/promise” to immediately activate the MoD’s S-500 Prometey (55R6M Triumfator-M) air defense systems stationed at Khmeimim Air Base that would, within 120 seconds, down every “hostile” aircraft over Turkey, Syria and Iraq—as well as destroy every single US-NATO military satellite in low Earth orbit (LEO) over the Levant.

Though barely known to average Western peoples, this report explains, the S-500 is the most feared weapon of its type in the world and can simultaneously intercept up to ten ballistic and hypersonic missiles and is capable of engaging targets at an altitude of up to 200 kilometers (more than 120 miles), can intercept aircraft and UAVs, as well as destroy low-earth-orbit satellites, space destruction devices and orbital weaponry too—and by its ability to operate on super inaudible radio channels, makes it impervious to all countermeasures.

With these two CIA pilots now in custody, along with their commander, and coup leader, General Akin Ozturk, this report continues, it is expected that they will be sentenced to death after President Erdogan’s government reinstates the death penalty later this week, or next.

This report concludes by noting that once President Putin received official notification from Turkey that these two CIA pilots were in custody, the Security Council authorized Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich to announce that Russia’s joint projects with Turkey, including the TurkStream undersea natural gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey, are still on the agenda and have a future.

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  1. Aldous says:

    Media Blackout! 1500 US Military Being Held Hostage In Turkey!
    Friday, July 22, 2016 5:35

    Origin (of this post) – Before It’s News

    Mainstream media is neglecting to report on what is surely Obama’s biggest act of treason yet! Turkey has committed an act of war against the USA and President Barack Obama and the Pentagon are doing absolutely nothing about it. The Incirlik US Military Base in Turkey has been under seige by Turkish police and military since the coup against Recep Erdogan last Saturday. Power to the base has been cut and no one is being allowed to enter or leave. This story is being reported on by Rick Wiles of and also by Debka File. Sadly the news team at Infowars has also chosen to ignore this monumental failure of the White House and the Pentagon to protect their own military people from an act of aggression by a Muslim tyrant.

    From Debka File….

    What’s really going on here? We have a situation where a fellow NATO member (Turkey) is turning on its ally (USA).

    I know all the NATO claptrap about ‘Flexible Response’ (we reserve the right to use nukes first even if you don’t)
    and ‘an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all NATO members’ – a lot like an attack on a soldier of the realm is an attack on the King blah, blah.

    However, what we appear to have here is an unprecedented and unhinged attack by one NATO member on another.
    USA/CIA seems to have tried to take out Erdogan and a really (understandably) pissed-off Turkey now wants retribution – and who can blame them!

    What are the Illuminati really up to here as they move their various chess pieces of Humanity? That’s something they can’t afford EVER for us to know for certain. It’s surely our job in life to outmaneuver them by finding them out, even if we are always one step and thought behind their satanic sick fecking minds.

  2. Nollidge says:

    Quite simple really.Turkey started to swing back to Russia & the C.I.A planned a hasty panicked attempt at a coup. Putin warned Erdogan about it & Erdogan is dealing with the aftermath. He’s begun to realise that Turkey’s future is better with close neighbour Russia than distant & unreliable 2-faced neocon America,

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