To the rescue? 60,000 join Labour in 1 week as party’s MPs launch anti-Corbyn coup

1 Jul, 2016


Tens of thousands of new supporters have joined the Labour Party in the past week, despite two thirds of the Parliamentary party launching a coup against left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour Party officials claim that 60,000 new members have joined the party since the EU referendum results were announced last Friday.

The figure is said to represent one of the fastest rises in membership of any political party in British history.

The surge puts Labour’s new total member base at 450,000 – higher than its last peak of 440,000 under former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

This figure dwarfs other political parties in the UK, with the Liberal Democrats currently fairing at around 70,000 members and the last available Conservative membership figures putting the total at 134,000.

Of the new intake, 20,000 have been checked and more than half are said to have joined to support Corbyn in a potential leadership challenge.

Momentum has claimed that thousands of new recruits marked their membership forms with support for the leader.

However, a source working to recruit “progressive” MPs to counter the Corbyn-inspired Momentum movement told the Independent they are confident thousands of new members want to see the Labour leader removed.

Centrist ‘Blairite’ groups such as Labour First and Progress are understood to be working with grassroots campaigners to encourage new members who want to see a new leader.

The coup was mounted after the Labour leader sacked shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn for organizing a secret plot on WhatsApp to oust Corbyn.

Following his dismissal in the early hours of Sunday morning, Labour shadow cabinet members resigned hourly throughout the day in order to dominate the news headlines.

More than 50 of the shadow cabinet have now resigned and 172 Labour MPs said in a secret ballot that they had no confidence in Corbyn. Some 40 MPs backed the beleaguered leader.

Despite the Parliamentary Labour Party’s (PLP) attempts to oust Corbyn, more than 240 local Labour councilors signed a letter pledging their continued support for him.

The 246 councilors said they are “dismayed” with MPs actions in the wake of the EU referendum result.

It would be utterly self-defeating for the people we represent if now, less than a year after Jeremy was elected on the single biggest mandate of any previous leader, he was to be forced from office,” the letter reads.

It is our view that the behaviour of some members of the Parliamentary Labour Party is totally self-indulgent and at odds with what the communities we represent need.

We will risk losing all those new members and enthusiastic campaigners who joined us because Jeremy offered a vision of hope for the future.”








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  1. NPP says:

    “… the single biggest mandate of any previous leader… ”

    Remarkeble. Among the most interesting times in my life. The establishment still do not get it – stay Corbyn stay. I’m not even a socialist, indeed, there is an argument to suggest socialism is an evil, but Corbyn has the support of people, people who are sick of Bliar/Cameron invasion war killing people policy.

    Well done those who have joined the support for Corbyn. Corbyn-Farage coalition? Yes please. Who else might you suggest?! Not sure the arms industry will like it much though!?

    • Aldous says:

      Hi NPP, you could well have a point regarding the anti-war factor and people wanting to demonstrate support for Jeremy Corbyn, while at the same time their disdain for Blair/Cameron. [It’s essential to remember that Corbyn is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION in every sense of the word.] However, isn’t joining the Labour Party a strange way of going about it, seeing as Blair/Bliar fought and won three General Elections for New Labour? Surely joining UKIP, especially on the back of the BRexit vote, was the more logical thing to do?

      I simply don’t believe this 60,000 figure – which may be a sick attempt and stunt by the Usual Suspects and their complicit media whores – and wonder if it is a pathetic attempt to associate the phony 6,000,0[00] Holohoax number on the very anniversary of the first day slaughter of Christians/Gentiles at the Battle of the Somme.

      There is absolutely NO WAY 60,000 people have joined the Forever Friends of Israel Labour Party – especially in a WEEK – on the back of the BRexit victory, and what is now happening re the apparent’ internecine warfare taking place in both the main parties has been/is being carefully orchestrated – as nothing but nothing usually happens in politics by chance.
      I fear we in The West are being played for the usual fools by the less than 1%.

      “The Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them. They have now gained control of the most powerful countries … this tiny community has become a world power”

      Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed

      Almost all of the wars and bloody revolutions of the last two or three centuries were instigated by Jews, for their own benefit, while it was the Gentiles who did the nitty-gritty work of fighting – and the messy dying, of course.

      “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over one hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.”

      Rabbi Reichom (at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah in 1869)

      • NPP says:

        On the ground, stuff happens. Incredibly, despite the establishment bias Brexit won. Does it matter? Is it all a psy-op anyay, whichever way it turned out?
        Corbyn stuck with Remain. Goodness knows exactly why. Probably because he leads a broad church and the congregation was perceived as generally pro-€U and pro-Co2 climate change, so he took that position rather than divide his party.

        Political parties are like copyright, ridiculous ideas. If a party is so popular that it has the support of a large majority and stays in power for years on end, that is a one party state, isn’t it? Political parties are seeing their end days, but for now it is the model we work with, if you wish to engage in the conventional political theatre.

        60,000? Whatever the figure, still no one has challenged Corbyn. This is presumably because the perception is at ground level his support is strong – he has doubled the Labour membership I heard from Tony Gosling on TMR:
        TMR 147 : Tony Gosling : Bilderberg, Brexit and Blairite Coups:
        The Labour Mp’s are the old – out with them!

        Ah, good old Mr. 10% as the Malaysians would refer to Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed in 1997. I met him for a handshake once at the PM residence… some kind of public holiday. He locked up Anwar on sodomy charges, in effect nullifying his political challenger. On the other hand Dr. Mahathir has enabled a 9/11 commission and spoken up against the one world order type establishment.

        The Jews. My Great Grandma was an East End London money lender and we joke she must have a four by two… we joke one side of my family is Jewish, but it is only a joke. It might be true. We don’t care. There are ‘Big Nose’, to quote Life Of Brian, features in the family, but we are heathens to the core!
        Jews Jews Jews Jews
        Jews Jews Jews Jews… wonderful Jews… oh, hang on, that’s the spam song.
        What is a Jew? What is a Semite? What is British? Define any national / cultural identity…

        Bring back TAP contributor WASP who would tell you it ain’t the Jews, it’s the Jesuits… so long as it begins with J eh!

        I don’t know and do I even care? Arseholes are arseholes regardless of colour or creed. I want the war monger mind set to stop and open source pooling of good ideas to commence. Otherwise, I don’t care about stuff I can hardly affect. If we all go in a nuclear war tomorrow, so we go; infinite consciousness having an earthly experience and all that…. onto the next experience.

        I hardly deem Corbyn and Farage as perfect specimens of human life, but going with the hand dealt, I’d play these two cards for now. It’s unlikely, but then unlikely things have been happening of late. It seems the Jewish question is not an easy one to broach within mainstream conventional circles, but it is being addressed from Gilad Atzmon to O’Keefe to Jeff Rense… TAP has exhaustively covered all these issues over the recent years I have been following TAP. We still argue because conclusions are apparently inconclusive.

        I find the line ‘Jews run the world’ a tad tiring.
        However, I am appalled at this following article; Big Brother, fascism, centralised control, however you wish to term it… an individual should be free to express opinion that you do not like. This is good reason to question the WWII and so called holocaust narrative:
        France, Germany, Belgium and Romania are among the other European Union states which have criminalised Holocaust denial.

        Factors I can determine: my thoughts and my action! That’s it. Frack the €U! Frack the fractional banking system and frack crap food and water. Hail websites such as this one whereby interesting ideas are at least posted and shared. Avoid the fear, remember to maintain a lightness of step and thought and do your best.

        I hope Corbyn sticks to his guns and I’d love to see Farage as an MP in parliament.

        Lord Christopher Monckton has just conducted an interview with Richie Allen. Monckton, a leading opponent of Co2 climate change, sadly refers to David Icke as trash:
        Richie Allen defended Icke, but has side lined Rebekah Roth because she has called Jim Fetzer a troll… dear oh dear, divide and rule, divide and rule.

        For me it is simple – I want these conversations on the taxpayer funded public broadcasting service, currently known as the BBC. It can happen one day, despite the BBC having gotten worse over recent years – it takes public pressure and inclination. It would appear Brexit, Corbyn and Farage current have public support.

        Let’s see. Cheers Aldous.

      • Tapestry says:

        Corbyn stuck with REMAIN as, in a party of Blairites, he had no choice. It was obvious from his speeches that his heart was not in it, which is no doubt why the Blairites are so keen to get rid of him. Politics is only the art of the possible. Having too high expectations of anyone in a political party is totally unreasonable – sadly! You have to grab whatever crumbs you can. Everyone in the alternative media is accused of being a troll by someone. Icke has given a lot of good information over many decades. He gets too excited by some of his fringe ideas like holograms, and tends to get lost within those, in my opinion. He’s got balls though!

  2. NPP says:

    Yep TAP.
    “Corbyn stuck with REMAIN as, in a party of Blairites, he had no choice.”
    Seems so… c’mon Corbyn / Farage… lead us out!

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