They’re Selected Not Elected – Rothschild Hosts $100,000 A Plate Dinner For Guess Who

If we want to combat environmental issues, war, poverty, and all of our other problems, we can’t keep looking to political ‘leaders’ like Obama and international organizations like the UN, who simply give their speeches as they’ve always done, year after year. None if it ever seems to change anything at all. They know of the solutions, and have known for years. These are people/organizations who act as puppets and mouthpieces for those in real power, those who apparently care little about us or the planet. The people we think are in power are like gaudy jewels meant to catch the eye and distract the mind. The people who are actually in power are clever, fooling us with words that resonate with the soul and make headlines. Dark acts are always done in the disguise of good deeds, capturing people’s hearts. Don’t continue to be bamboozled. Turn your eye away from them, change will not come from them, it never has and it never will. Change can only come from you and me. If we keep looking to them to provide the solutions and take care of our planet, the planet will continue to get trashed as it always has. It’s how we got here in the first place.

We cannot continue to give our power away and charge others with taking care of our planet. The only way things are going to change here is if we come together as one human race. Governmental policy reflects nothing but corporate interest, and we simply can’t afford to sit around much longer, letting our planet suffer.

“Democrats and republicans are two wings of the same bird, and the flight path doesn’t change.”  – Unknown.

How Do We Address This Problem? What’s The Solution?

Awareness is the first step. There are still too many thinking that the United States is actually a democracy. Awareness alone has and will create a global shift in consciousness, which alters the way the masses look at the western political process. That fact that not everything is as we are told it is will continue to come to light.

Although this is just one area, politics, it’s important to at least identify the problem and it seems that we are still in the process of doing just that.

This is why it’s important to share and engage with/in alternative media.

As far as solutions go, there are many. From developments like those that could completely wipe out the fossil fuel industry and more, the solutions are there. The problem is implementation, and the tremendous power these financial elite have with regard to delaying and silencing these solutions so they can keep their place atop the pyramid.

The more we continue to be aware, pay attention, ask questions and raise our voice, the more we continue to manifest a new human experience. It’s not going to happen overnight, and although an ultimate solution to remove these people from their place of power seems to be unidentifiable right now, staying quiet is definitely not an option.


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