The Osborne/Gove plot to stop Boris and get May in, completes with Leadsom dropping out


The plan to stop Boris with Gove acting as assassin, get Leadsom as the only LEAVE candidate who then folds at the last minute in favour of May is now complete.  Leadsom was a false LEAVE enthusiast, only recently converting to euroscepticism as a flag of convenience.  With the danger that the membership might vote for her in preference for May, creating a mandate for LEAVE, she has now folded – as was the plan all along.  The only genuine LEAVE leadership candiate was Fox, who was sidelined by the media, and ignored by Conservative MPs.  The George Osborne/Gove plot is complete.  BREXIT is in the hands of Shariah May.

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Welcome to our live blog – it’s Mark Wallace here, bringing you all the latest news and analysis of today’s events in the Conservative leadership election. Here are the headlines so far:

  • Leadsom has dropped out. After a bruising weekend, and with the support of only a minority of MPs, she evidently felt that her candidacy was no longer viable. In her withdrawal statement, she was keen to emphasise the need for unity and the importance of ensuring that Brexit is properly delivered.
  • Gove has hailed May as Prime Minister. Despite some speculation that he might somehow re-enter the race, the Justice Secretary has issued the following statement: “Andrea Leadsom spoke with great dignity and courage today. I wish her every success in the future. We should now move as quickly as possible to ensure Theresa May can take over as leader. She has my full support as our next Prime Minister.”

2 Responses to “The Osborne/Gove plot to stop Boris and get May in, completes with Leadsom dropping out”

  1. Tom74 says:

    The referendum was a charade so it’s no surprise that the aftermath is too. As usual, the Nasty Party have shafted everyone involved except for their establishment controllers and Parliamentary poodles.
    A travesty of democracy, and the silence of Johnson, Gove, Farage and Hannan while this continues is all too telling.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I don’t think Farage ad Johnson were a part of the George Osborne/Michael Gove plot to bring in Sharia May myself, but what the hell, it’s your comment, Tom74.

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