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  1. Dublinmick says:

    And I would venture most of you have never seen this one. It is the strangest of them all.


    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks for this one Dublinmick. No I haven’t heard this one before but I find much of it persuasive. The possibility that a JFK double was assassinated, RFK was not assassinated and the Kennedys live in a parallel life controlling events from beyond the media. The 1944 death of Joe? is also most unlikely and why was it filmed? That link is a great one. I would copy and paste but it’s pdf and very long.

  2. gmoore49 says:

    Here is another JFK conspiracy you probably haven’t heard, that the whole affair was scripted by the media, various government and non government groups involved in this “bring your own gun party”, various snipers set up in several staging areas mostly as a “distraction”, while the real killers were all in the car (that is, Jackie Kennedy and John Connally).

    Think I am crazy? Might want to check out this video:

    The JFK Assassination: Greatest Crime and Coverup of the 20th Century

    Truth is always stranger then fiction, because fiction is all we seem to get from the media these days!!

    • Tapestry says:

      yawn. the answer to the question ‘who killed Jack?’ is “Jackie.’ End of. The Miles Mathis link above from Dublinmick, however, which takes the concept of falsity to its logical conclusion I find very convincing. Was JFK killed or actually a double? That seems far more likely after looking at the evidence in the link.

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