Stop the War Coalition’s Response to the Chilcot Report


Newsletter – 6 July 2016

Stop the War Coalition’s Response to the Chilcot Report

The Chilcot report is a damning indictment of Tony Blair and those around him who took us to war in Iraq.

The report vindicates Stop the War and all we have been campaigning for over the years.  This report would not have happened without our campaigns and our ceaseless demands for Blair to be held to account.

It clear that Blair used lies and deception to get his way, that the war was unnecessary and illegal and that everything was done to ensure it went ahead.

The victims are the Iraqis, those soldiers who died and were injured, but also the whole political system traduced by this process.

The anti-war movement and the millions who marched were vindicated by this report and we now demand justice.

We welcome the fact that this report is so damning but for us this is not the end but the beginning. Meetings should be held in every town and city around the country. There must be legal sanctions against Tony Blair and he should no longer be considered fit for any office.

If you are in London, join us tomorrow (7 July) at the People’s Response to Chilcot public rally at Mary Ward House at 7pm.



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  1. Human says:

    “It[‘s] clear that Blair used lies and deception to get his way”.

    The boys are on his side, does anybody really, truly believe it will be any different, that the useless eaters will have any effect or make any impact in justice?

    Go back to sleep, you’re only dreaming.

    • sovereigntea says:

      I am an insomniac LOL.

      A Gathering of the Clans in Nottingham on July 31st

      A message from Justin – Friday 8th July :


      The British Constitution Group is launching a new umbrella campaigning initiative to bring us all together in a much more effective and coherent way at a time when the system-servers appear to be in a state of complete flux and instability.

      We are asking for people of good will who wish to expose and peacefully bring down the criminals running our country, whether in the Courts, the Houses of Parliament or the City of London, to meet on Sunday, July 31st at 11:00 AM at :

      The Punch Bowl214 Porchester RoadNottinghamNG3 6HG

      Food is available to buy and the meeting will end around 4pm.

      We are assembling the clans in a dynamic Rule of Law initiative comprising of individuals, self-determining grassroots organisations and local community groups. By coming together in such a way we can raise essential campaigning resources and can help and support each other more effectively at evictions, court appearances and events where numbers and expertise are much needed.

      Our attendance is essential – this is time for decisive lawful action to end all this insanity and criminality.

      Justin – British Constitution Group
      British Constitution Group ALERT

  2. sovereigntea says:

    As a defeatist lacking in spirit I question your claim to humanity. Perhaps “Slave”,”Collaborator” or “Overseer” would be a more appropriate name for yourself than “Human”.

    • RabbiT says:

      Totally agree there sov, we have a duty to take a stand against evil even if we are up against the tide.

      Excellent post from Anng on the subject:

      The problem for us all is that the wars generated by the west on behalf of the Zio’s will culminate in WW3 whereby their messiah/antichrist will be wheeled out to bring an end once and for all to the subject of wars. Typical Hegelian dialectic.

      For that reason we do not need a world leader to stop wars we just need to expose and hold our own public sector accountable for its wickedness.

      • sovereigntea says:

        Perversion a mechanism of controlling the political & administrative whores.

        Cuckold Tony Fettes the Pentagon’s PM.

        Truth stranger than fiction a fictional phone call.

        Dead Kennedys – Kinky Sex Makes the World Go ‘Round –



        Prime Ministers office, Prime Minister speaking
        Greetings? This is the secretary of war
        At the state department of the United States?
        We have a problem, the companies want something done
        About this sluggish world economic situation?
        Profits have been running a little thin lately
        And we, we need to stimulate some growth?

        Now we know there’s an alarmingly high number of young people Roaming around in your country with nothing to do
        But stir up trouble for the police and damage private property
        It doesn’t look like they’ll ever get a job?
        It’s about time we did something constructive with these people?
        We’ve got thousands of ’em here too, they’re crawling all over

        The companies think it’s time we all sit down
        Have a serious get-together and start another war
        The President, he loves the idea!
        All those missiles streaming overhead to and fro
        Napalm, people running down the road, skin on fire

    • UglyTruth says:

      I don’t question his claim, your descriptions are equally appropriate.

      human being See MONSTER.
      Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Well done Sov, Rab, it is important that there is testimony to the truth. Witnesses.

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