Scotland wants to take control of children away from families…

This week saw a massive victory in the Supreme Court for opponents of the “Named Person Scheme” in Scotland.

For those who don’t know, the Named Person Scheme was created through an Act of the Scottish Parliament and was due to place a “state appointed guardian” alongside every single child in Scotland, from conception until their early twenties.

This guardian would report any concerns about the “wellbeing” of the child as it grew, with a view to state intervention in the parenting of that child leading to the ultimate sanction of the state: the removal of the child from their parents.

Unfortunately, governments in Britain do not have the best record when it comes to child protection, within the care system or without.

The No2NP campaign has done a fantastic job at highlighting the issues, culminating in taking the case to the Supreme Court, which agreed completely with the campaign’s position. Indeed, their language could not have been stronger:

Such an indictment of a national government by the highest court in the land is unprecedented in modern times.

What was the Scottish government’s response, then? The cynical announcement of “Operation Latisse”; a few low level paedophiles sacrificed, while the high level (government level) rings continue to be protected.

This is evidenced by the continuing cover up of the Hollie Grieg and the Brian and Janice Docherty cases, and by the recent resignations of two thirds of the “independent” Scottish child abuse inquiry panel, who resigned claiming “government interference”. Naturally the panel of that inquiry has been replaced by a judge.

The Named Person Scheme itself was a paedophile’s paradise, with named persons from the pilot scheme already convicted of sex offences.

The cover up is not restricted to Scotland of course, and this brings me to John, the serving Metropolitan Police Detective Constable who has had the guts to speak out, on the record, about his efforts to prosecute perpetrators of child abuse, and how he was systematically prevented from doing so.

If you have not heard our interview with John, then if you do nothing else this weekend, please listen to it. And when you have, distribute it.

John needs our support – that of each and every one of us. So share that interview as far and wide as you can. Write to MPs, the police, childrens’ charities. Ask them what they are doing with the information John has made public. We need to get pressure on the system over this issue, not only because John needs support, but because every affected child in this country needs support.

Paedophilia is not “just another crime”. It is the way politics is done in Britain. This is how “the establishment” controls its members, through child abuse and blackmail. It destroys lives, and not just those of the victims, but all our lives, because anyone who is capable of inflicting such suffering on an individual child, is willing to murder millions of Iraqi’s, Syrians, Libyans abroad and hundreds of thousands of elderly people in British hospitals for example.

The win in the Supreme Court was fantastic and it has created a momentum. So has the bravery of John. We must make sure that momentum is unstoppable.


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