Return of the British passport?

Michael Fabricant MP has asked in parliament whether the Home Office has any plans to reintroduce the former blue British passport.  Home Office Minister Robert Goodwill (an MEP 1999/2004) replied that “there are no immediate plans”.  Let’s hope that plans are brought forward.  The restoration of the British passport will be a cause for celebration, and perhaps street parties.

Home Office has ‘no plans’ to bring back old British passports after Brexit vote

British passports were navy blue before machine-readable EU passports were introduced in 1988

The Home Office has said there are “no immediate plans” to reintroduce navy blue non-EU British passports following theBrexit vote, despite the wishes of some Leave voters.

In parliament, pro-Brexit Conservative MP Michael Fabricant asked Home Secretary Amber Rudd if she would bring back the documents, which were last used in 1988.

He asked Ms Rudd whether she would “take steps to introduce a new passport with a navy blue cover for the UK following the exit of the UK from the EU”.

But Home Office minister Robert Goodwill replied: “There are no immediate plans for changes to the format or colour of the UK passport.

“Parliament will be informed of any changes to the passport following UK withdrawal from the European Union.”

As part of the EU referendum campaign in June, Ukip leader Nigel Farage called for the reintroduction of British passports.

Brandishing his passport at an ITV referendum event, he said: “This should be a British passport; it says ‘European Union’ on it.

“I think to make this country safer, we need to get back British passports, so that we can check anybody else coming into this country.”


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