Project Fear fails again – this time on property prices.


New figures today showed that prime real estate deals in the city jumped in the week after the June 23 referendum, as a slide in the British pound attracted bargain hunters taking advantage of panic that set in over the weekend.

Sales increased 38 per cent compared with the previous week, according to data from Knight Frank.

The leading UK real estate brokerage said month-on-month sales were 29 per cent higher, in the immediate aftermath.

Brexit has broken Britain – come off it!

I couldn’t disagree more with the piece in The Guardian which says Brexit has broken ‘brand Britain’.

Writing in the paper, Arwa Mahdawi  says, “Brexit has broken Brand Britain. It’s not just the pound that has plummeted since 24 June; there has also been a rapid devaluation of our international image. Once upon a time – like, three weeks ago – a “British” accent was an asset in the US. It connoted class, culture and cosmopolitanism. Now it conveys parochialism, priggishness and poor political decisions.”

Funny that – because 11 countries wishing to do trade deals with us, (along with the Commonwealth we turned on our backs on when we were in the EU) – seem to disagree.

The people have had their say

Meanwhile, The Independent, along with others, reports on the Government rejection for a second referendum on our European Union membership.

A petition was raised and signed by more than 4.1 million people following the Brexit vote. It was the most-signed Government petition since the process was introduced in 2011.

However, the Indy reports that in an official reply, the Foreign Office said 33 million people had had their say and “the decision must be respected.”

Three cheers for that –  as a I  wrote a couple of weeks ago, the whingers, the bad losers, are out in force.

They’re trying to change the rules, and the score-line, after the referee has blown the whistle. It was only a small majority. Voters didn’t know exactly what the new arrangement would be.  The Leave side didn’t have a plan.  Voters ignored the ‘facts’ from Remain.  The markets are in chaos.  Promises made by the Leave campaign are falling apart.  We must renegotiate new terms with Brussels, says Michael Heseltine  and then the new deal must be put to a new referendum. Well. it’s not. Time to move on guys.

Battle of wills in Brusesls

The Daily Express reports today that Britain is likely to deal with Europe’s members states when thrashing out the Brexit deal.


It would signal a victory for Britain’s negotiators following a battle of wills between the Council and Jean-Claude Juncker’s EU Commission, which had hoped to play a central role.

It was feared that Commission president Mr Juncker would try to apply pressure for the UK to exit Europe before working out an alternative deal.


Roger Helmer MEP


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