Police officer exposes paedophile cover-ups going on in the Met

He was promoted to a job of finding sex offenders who were going missing from the sex offenders register.  It turned out that people living on canal boats didn’t need to be registered, as they were considered to be transients.  They could move their boats every 28 days and escape the need to register.  Kids are attracted to canals and boats, and the paedophiles could operate unchecked.

He was told confidentially that he was getting a bit too good at what you’re doing.  Others had pulled Leon Brittan in, and he’d been caught being involved in paedophilia, and the officers’ funding was cut.  His own work investigating paedophiles in the canal boat network was pulled.

He talks about his work pulling in prostitutes.  They had a numbers target.  If they brought a child prostitute in , under 17, they were told not to work any more that night, and their targets were hit.  The unwritten rule was don’t bring in children.  He describes a case he handled of a young girl who told how she was groomed, put on drugs by a pimp, and put to work with clients.  He found out the judge who tried the prostitute cases was a client of the pimp.  She pimped children as young as nine, mostly from care homes.  The business expanded into outer boroughs, where there are lots of children’s homes.  The Social Workers knew about the problems, but nothing was being done.  The SWs invited the Vice Squad to get involved, but they ignored the problem.  The Police never investigated despite knowing all about it.

He wrote a report summarising the situation.  A manager at the music department of the BBC was involved.  He was called by the Governing Detective Inspector, who swore and shouted at him like a pit bull terrier.  He was shut down straight away.  He was mortified, and totally confused.  Next day he was called by an even more senior officer, who told him he could take his family on holiday for the summer, and they would sort all the report out when he got back.

The kids were relying on the Police.  He received credible death threats.  Organised crime was involved.

He was told that what he has found out cannot be made public.  If you reveal anything about how deep the crimes go, he’d lose his job, his kids, the lot.  These threats were made in front of a Human Resources witness.  He was told he would never go against fellow rank, no matter what they’d done.  He was told never to look into child prostitution ever again.  He was petrified.

He goes into a child abuse investigation in Haringay, which has over twenty kids homes.  He found the same drugs, child prostitution, organised crime networks.  Child trafficking from Barnados.  He was attacked by the Head of Social Services for creating work for exposing what was going on.  Barnados told him he was treading on toes, and they would report him to a higher Police rank, they already were in contact with, and he was gagged.  He was told there was an officer already dealing with these cases.  He checked her out, and she wasn’t doing anything.

One of his key witnesses, a girl of fifteen, was found dead in the street from suspicious overdose.  He was devastated.

Jimmy Savile story broke.  Detective Harper was closed down at Jersey.  Masonry has a big hold on the Police.  The higher you go, the more Masonic it gets.

He was threatened with gross misconduct allegations.  He was put in touch with Simon Danczuk MP.  He met Maggie Oliver who exposed Rotherham Asian minicab firms pimping out young girls.  She told him they’ll serve misconduct allegations.  ‘They’ll convict you.  They’ll raid your house.’  He was put in touch with Lenny Harper who investigated Haute La Garenne.  They met up.  The same story.  He went to a whistleblowers forum in Parliament.  He was put in touch with an officer who investigated child prostitution in the Isle Of Wight, bullied to the point of near suicide.  The Police and the IPCC wouldn’t investigate or talk to him. He went to a cabinet minister, who offered a full enquiry, but he then cut him off.  He was only concerned with public perception when ‘this gets out’.

This is influencing politics.  He assured him that he would deal with it.  He was then threatened with the CPS and a full prosecution.

The man he exposed was promoted and given Queen’s Police medal.  He wanted to resign, but he wasn’t allowed to resign as he was under investigation.   He said go ahead.  Take me to court.  Pay was halved.  He’s been offered early retirement.

He never received a referral except once.  All the stories coming into Childline are blocked.

His name John Wedger (?) .






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  1. NPP says:

    This is the kind of interview that should be shared with all local police stations…. a hard copy letter to local police, local MP, PM May and the your local newspaper with link and demand they listen and acknowledge; with e-mail back-up for link access.

    UK Column, 21st Century… regularly address issues with enagaging analysis on limited budget.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Get Real they are all too busy organizing the next Gay Parade.or covering the latest gang rape to protect the perpetrators.
      All high ranking scrum, that’s all about it.

  2. danceaway says:

    Essential listening – thank you so much for posting. UK Column is doing sterling work in giving courageous people a chance to be heard – they need our support!

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