Obama will only impose martial law if it looks like Trump will win

Government of the day continues to stoke the fires of racial division, even after the deaths of five police officers in Dallas

None should hold their breath waiting for President Barack Hussein Obama to impose martial law as a means of suspending upcoming presidential elections—at least not yet.

If Obama does impose martial law it will be a sure sign that Donald Trump has a good chance of winning the presidency.  Until then, Obama’s holding martial law as his ace in the hole.

In short, the final BOOM that Obama is going to lower on the masses is not martial law but the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the one Donald J. Trump correctly pegged as “Crooked Hillary”.  That’s the big BOOM Obama is getting ready to lower on We the People on his way out the door.

As the Democrats—with the aiding and abetting of groups like #NeverTrump—studiously work to ensure that Obama gets a third term through the election of Clinton, propaganda, pushed by Google, Facebook Twitter and other social media,  pollutes all clear thinking for any of those striving to stay ahead of the curve.

Prime example: Black Lives Matter is not about making life better for under privileged   African-Americans.  It is a $33-million and still counting, George Soros-funded terrorist front to ensure that the Democrats remain in power.

We’re all supposed to believe that civil society will come to a sudden standstill when the Republican Convention gets underway; that many will be frightened away from attending; that fear and intimidation will keep Donald Trump from getting the nomination.

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