Not much is allowed into the media these days.


Back in the Sixties, the public were much more aware of the threat of Armageddon, largely due to a documentary by Peter Watkins called ‘The War Game’.

It is quite obvious that last March Cameron was involved in an attempt to launch a ‘limited first strike’ on Russia in order to force the Russian Genshtab to accept the ousting of Putin. Fat chance. Why are our leaders insane? Because they are all docile puppets and incapable of opposing the globalist agenda.

I spoke to Richard Sakwa, an associate fellow at the RIIA at Chatham House. He didn’t expect the UK to survive.

We have now entered the globalist endgame. Centuries of the privatized money creation (counterfeiting) and the resulting colossal global debt has centralized the world’s wealth and rendered the world’s population largely superfluous. Human beings were required merely to borrow huge amounts of money created out of thin air – which the bankers/Rothschilds would use to claim the world for themselves, which they are now doing.

The Russian and Chinese navies are holding joint exercises in the South China Sea. The plans of centuries are failing. The idiocy of leaders like Theresa May, Merkel and Obama leave are driving towards one outcome: a nuclear war. The Russians have repeatedly stated what the stakes are. But the idiot puppets don’t listen.

Gordon Logan


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