Murdoch backs Liam Fox against PM and Chancellor

Murdoch’s Sun newspaper grants Liam Fox coverage of his views which contradict those of Theresa May and Chancellor Hammond.



Liam Fox opens up potential Cabinet split after dismissing claims of UK staying in the EU’s Single Market
Trade boss’s comments contradict the views of the PM Theresa May and the Chancellor Philip Hammond

NEW trade boss Liam Fox has opened up a potential Cabinet split over Brexit by dismissing aims for Britain to stay in the EU’s Single Market.

On a visit to the US, the International Trade Secretary said he wants the UK to enter a free-trade agreement with the EU rather than a closer “customs union”.
Trade boss Liam Fox says UK ‘is open for business like never before’
His comments contradict the views of the PM and Chancellor, who have both spelled out their hopes to remain inside Europe’s Single Market trade area.

Dr Fox’s three day tour of New York, Chicago and LA is to reassure American business that the UK is a good place to invest.

In a speech in Chicago last night he insisted: “The UK is open for business like never before.”

He added: “A vote to leave the EU and a change in government means we now have a golden opportunity to make Britain a truly global trading nation.”

But his trip was marred by an early embarrassing slap down from the American government.


US Trade boss Michael Froman said UK must wait for ‘appropriate time’ for trade talks
US Trade boss Michael Froman told Mr Fox it was too soon to open post Brexit trade talks and the UK must wait for the “appropriate time.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Mr Fox said he would probably seek to enter a free-trade agreement with the EU rather than a closer “customs union” that would hamper the UK’s ability to negotiate lower tariffs with other countries around the world

Although he stressed that no final decision had been made, the British Trade chief’s comments would put him at odds with the Theresa May who has signalled her support for Britain remaining part of the Single Market — a customs union.

TAP – Fox also getting support in The Express –


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Mr Fox expanded on his comments in his Chicago speech, saying the UK wanted to “leave in a way that creates minimal disruption for the Continent as a whole.”

But again he signalled his opposition to the Single Market, saying: “We are moving away from an era when multilateral agreements dominate the landscape to one where bilateral free trade agreements and plurilateral agreements between small numbers of countries are becoming more common.”

Stressing his commitment to US trade, Mr Fox announced that the UK will open three trading outposts in America.
Offices in Minneapolis are part of Liam Fox’s plans for three US trading outpost
The offices in Minneapolis, Raleigh and San Diego will “promote UK business, economic and political ties” in areas, he said were “renowned for their economic productivity”.

Mr Fox claimed last night that a similar office in Seattle alone had “supported delivery of approximately £8 million in capital investment and 1,000 UK jobs in the past year.”


9 Responses to “Murdoch backs Liam Fox against PM and Chancellor”

  1. peugeott says:

    Disgusting right wing piece of filth

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    Murdoch is a big Mossad agent. Fox is as close to the Israelis as you can get. The House of Commons is packed with MPs on both sides who say “How high?” when the Israelis tell them to jump.

    • Tapestry says:

      I agree, Gordon. Someone is driving Brexit, and it’s not the BBC. There seems to be a split amongst the parasites. It’s like bloggers. All are accused of being sold out, but do you like their work? I see Fox taking up positions against fracking, in favour of Brexit, in favour of free trade around the world. He’s a highly skilled debater and competent manager (unlike most politicians). The Cameroons tried to sink him with the MOD accusations. Who else is there at that level to follow? The CLintons want WW3. Trump doesn’t. Trump’s effectively a NAZI, but if he genuinely wants to stop WW3, he’s the better vote. They’re all compromised to some extent at high level, but somehow we need to find a pathway from where we are to the future. Fox has many pluses.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Trumps children are all sold off to the Jews, that bothers me a lot. There is a big smell in the air when Prof MacDonald and others big him up but ignore the obvious. Agree with you about Hillary though.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Logan were you the only one who spoke out?

  3. Tom74 says:

    Murdoch is just stirring up trouble as usual. In nearly 50 years in British public life, can anyone think of a single positive thing this man has done for Britain? All that money and power, which he could have used to achieve so much, but which instead he used to divide and humiliate every nation he has profited from.

    • Tapestry says:

      Still he’s acting against the Remain crowd, which is wonderful to behold. We need to take all the help we can get. Maybe he’s seen then light! If not, he’s playing for more power by backing the Brexit game, seeing that the OWG is losing the plot, and has to be stopped. Either way it’s some long deserved points for our team (LEAVE).

    • Men Scryfa says:

      “We need to take all the help we can get. Maybe he’s seen then light! If not, he’s playing for more power by backing the Brexit game, seeing that the OWG is losing the plot, and has to be stopped. Either way it’s some long deserved points for our team”

      Sad but true. Good Work Everybody – Let’s keep our game up!

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