They knew

Liam Fox says it’s is all like Oxford Union student politics.  He may be right but the machinations we’ve seen unfold in the last 48 hours are just the beginning.  The battle to fill the post of Conservative leader is already looking to be the ugliest on record.  There will no doubt be plenty more blood to spill.

2005 saw the media,  including Boris Johnson’s Spectator, playing only one tune – that of David Cameron.  ‘This is Cameron country.’  wrote Boris, giving not even one word of his publication to David Davis or Liam Fox, the other candidates in the final Parliamentary vote.  That seemed pretty poor coming from a supposedly educated publication.  Cameron duly posted some of his supporters to back David Davis to ensure DD went to the membership ballot, even though Fox had more support than Davis amongst MPs.  Fox was thus cunningly pushed into third place, and the only LEAVE candidate of 2005 was beached.

In 2016, the leading candidate is Theresa May who is REMAIN (called Sharia May on some alternative media sites).  She clearly does not want Fox, again the only genuine LEAVE candidate – who, like 2005, is getting nil media.  Some of his old supporters seem to be attracted into backing Andrea Leadsom, who, suspiciously is getting lots of media, in mainstream and alternative (which takes a lot of organisation and planning).  People still don’t realise that if anyone is getting good support from the media, they are definitely not likely to be a candidate that will want to get Britain out of the EU.  They should also be suspicious of a name that’s suddenly appeared from nowhere.   Some MPs appear influenced by the media, no doubt wanting to land on a winning ticket, hoping to gain promotion and get their faces in the newspapers too, and they can feel safe by telling their constituents they are backing a LEAVE candidate.  But are they?  If Leadsom is getting media, spouting pro-LEAVE messages, there has to be a catch, and there is. (See below)  She has revealed what should have been confidential conversations between her and Boris since he dropped out.  That seems unnecessarily unkind.

MPs backing Leadsom either don’t know there’s a game on, either that or they don’t care.  She is only being pushed forward as the cabal believes she will be the easiest opposition for Theresa May.  Voters want OUT.  They might notice that, despite endless rhetoric, the Party has not fulfilled its promise to withdraw Britain from the EU, and not even tried to get out of the EU.  Selecting a media-backed dummy candidate, who has no previous experience of government at all, for Theresa May to devour, could very well be a choice fatal to their electoral chances in a couple (who knows?) of years time.  The sales pitch being put into the hands of UKIP will be sufficient to drive millions more voters in that direction, unseating even the safest Conservative MP.

Michael Gove had plotted against Boris Johnson with George Osborne right from the moment Boris declared for LEAVE.  Gove joined the LEAVE camp purely to create the opportunity to knife Boris, and open the way for Theresa May.  This was to be done by dividing any LEAVE supporting MPs as much as possible, ensuring May had an overwhelming lead, and then either losing to or dropping out in favour of Leadsom.

Theresa May could then easily defeat Leadsom, who has no experience at all, in the membership round, and then as PM, put REMAIN back in the driving seat, and stop Britain leaving the EU.  This is the obvious tactic for pro-EU Party managers to pursue if you think about it.


They knew

The plot has been stunningly successful so far, with Boris, trusting Gove, his erstwhile friend since Oxford days, crushed and bewildered by his treachery, as are many LEAVE supporting MPs.

If Theresa May wins the leadership, currently leading the field, the consequences for the Conservative Party in not leaving the EU, will be terminal.  MPs who were aware of the Boris-killing plot readily jumped on May’s declared support list, the moment the execution took place.

Leadsom is the next part of the plot.  They want her to take the lead for the LEAVE camp, and so May and Leadsom would be the two that go the membership for the final selection.  As Leadsom has no previous experience in politics other than as a District Councillor, the idea is that Theresa May will walk the membership part of the leadership battle against her.  May would hope to have enough support to have enough to post some of her supporters into the Leadsom camp, to block Liam Fox, the only genuine contender for LEAVE.  This is exactly how Cameron blocked Liam Fox in 2005, getting some of his declared MPs to back david Davis, knowing he’d be easier to defeat than the eurosceptic Fox with the Party membership.

The only hope for LEAVE is, in fact, Liam Fox.  He’s in the frame but needs eurosceptic MPs to stop being bewildered by the Gove/Boris antics and realise they still have a chance if they move quickly.  Fox has only to come second in the Parliamentary round, as the membership will be almost certain to back him against Theresa May in the membership round.  At least there would be a very high probability.  So wake up,eurosceptic MPs.  Understand the plot, and back Liam Fox now.  Or Britain will not be free, despite the referendum win for LEAVE.

Liam Fox says Britain needs ‘Brexit for grown-ups’ in Tory leadership bid

Conservative leadership contender Liam Fox today demanded “Brexit for grown-ups” as he blasted colleagues Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for their “Oxford Union politics”.

The former defence secretary said the fallout from Justice Secretary Mr Gove’s last-minute decision to join the race is a distraction at a time when the country is facing huge change.

Mr Gove ended Mr Johnson’s hopes of entering Number 10 when he made the shock announcement he would challenge his Brexit ally in the contest, sparking accusations of treachery.

Dr Fox told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We are now 10 weeks away from having a new prime minister, we’re in the process of electing a prime minister who will actually take us out of the European Union, and yet we seem to be permanently distracted by what can only be described as the politics of the Oxford Union in recent days.”

He added: “I think it was a distraction, we need Brexit for grown-ups and we need to be talking about the big issues.

“We need to be talking about our aims, our trading positions, what our security relationship will be, also what domestic changes we will have to make. How will we have to restructure our Government?

Interactive timeline: How the Tory leadership bids were unveiled

“How will we have to change Whitehall? We’ll have to introduce for example a department of trade.”

Turning to his Brexit negotiation proposals, the Leave campaigner criticised the EU’s top trade official Cecilia Malmstrom after she told the BBC’s Newsnight programme the UK cannot begin trade talks with the bloc until after it has left.

Dr Fox warned that the EU Commission needs to take a “sensible approach”, describing Ms Malmstrom’s comments as the most “bizarre and stupid position” which would harm all EU countries.


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  1. peugeott says:

    Let hope this right wing nutter doesn’t succeed , we may pull out of Europe , straight into the arms of shithole America,

  2. Tapestry says:

    The EU is a CIA op. If you agree Fox will get us out, then we would be most fortunate to escape that trap. Of course there are plenty of others not to fall into. Fox was a reserve in the army and has the ear of the troops, as a result. Their equipment could be far better and cheaper. Getting free of the EU is the start of freeing ourselves from CIA control.

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