Leadsom is George Osborne’s gift to Shariah May

How can anyone seriously propose Leadsom as a possible Prime MInister?  She has absolutely no experience, except as a District Councillor.  IDS tried his best to fluff her up, but the yawning gap in her CV screams out.  He talks of business experience, which has nothing to do with government.  Yet the media is running her as the only alternative to Shariah May.  Liam Fox has ministerial experience, has been in the HoC for thirty years, as well as working as a GP, and a reserve in the armed forces.  There is no comparison.  Liam Fox would genuinely run a BREXIT regime.  Leadsom is only being pushed forward so she can lose to Shariah May who is of course REMAIN.

IDS’ desperate receommendation of Leadsom.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, announced that he was backing Mrs Leadsom because she is the best person to “create the UK’s new relationship with the rest of the world”.

Mr Duncan Smith, who was one of the original five Cabinet ministers to back the Leave campaign, said last night: “[Mrs Leadsom] has warmth, a genuinely human touch and a great sense of humour. And her enormous depth of business experience speaks volumes for her ability to handle pressure.”


Liam Fox gets no national media which is appalling.  Here he is being reported only the Bath Chronicle, his local paper, while talking about national issues, while standing as a candidate for Prime Minister.

Liam Fox claims blaming deficit reduction u-turn on Brexit vote is ‘extension of project fear’

By Tim_MacFarlan  |  Posted: July 02, 2016



Liam Fox has warned against ‘scapegoating’ the leave vote

Tory leadership candidate Liam Fox claims the economic shockwaves caused by the leave vote in the referendum are not an excuse for the Chancellor to have abandoned his target of reducing the deficit to zero by 2020.

He said the decision by Chancellor George Osborne was “hugely disappointing”.

Dr Fox, MP for North Somerset said in a speech in Clevedon said the FTSE 100 indes has rebounded to a 10-month high “as optimism replaces ‘Project Fear'”

He said there were several reasons why reducing the nation’s deficit to zero was taking longer than predicted – but he said that to “scapegoat” the leave vote was “profoundly misleading and reprehensible and a potentially damaging extension of project fear”.

He said: “It is argued that such is the shock that the referendum delivered to the UK Economy, it would be impossible for the Government to collect enough tax receipts in the midst of the recession that must surely grip Britain soon.

image: http://tag-dyn.omnitagjs.com/fo-dyn/native/preview/image?key=9f6686cc4005e1948a7939ccadd4e0fe&ztop=0.34&zleft=0.33875&zwidth=0.31&zheight=0.31&width=80&height=80&kind=INTERNAL

“This statement is clearly disingenuous. The economic shock that the Chancellor blames is already evaporating. The FTSE 100 has rebounded to a 10-month high, as optimism replaces ‘Project Fear’.

“More importantly, the Treasury has been missing its self-imposed borrowing targets for several years now. In 2014-15 Britain was forced to over borrow by £2.7bn. In 2015-16 this rose to £4bn. In April this year alone, the government extended its borrowing by over £1bn to cover the funding gap.”

Dr Fox is rated as an outsider in the race to become the next Tory leader while Home Secretary Theresa May has emerged as the clear favourite.




3 Responses to “Leadsom is George Osborne’s gift to Shariah May”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Good post. Re Leadsom this is getting rather frightening. Is she being set up as some kind of fall girl. Anyone remember that Lady Ashton who was bumped into the EU out of nowhere – it is the same.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Men Scryfa. A compliment! No seriously, Leadsom is a George Osborne ploy, plain and simple. She may even concede to May without bothering to do the membership ballot, as is already being touted in the media. The cabal can’t wait to close the deal while everyone believes the nonsense being put out. They’ve knifed Boris. Leadsom’s just a ploy to finish the game. Fox would be very different but he’s not managed to gain any traction as yet. Will LEAVE-minded MPs wake up in time?

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Lol ! First for everything. Maybe we should frame it and put it up on the wall (must be evidence of a damascene conversion or a personality transplant…lol).

      Just got back from watching the football at the pub – girlfriend is German (I know, I know…) that was a bit tricky, anyway she seems to be happy. Personally I think Schweinsteiger was fortunate that his team pulled through for him after he put his penalty wide.

      Back to basics –

      1) Leadsom is an Ozzy ploy – Agreed
      [he can be a ruthless git that Junkie George]

      2) BJ, sorry Boris, has been gutted worse than a fish
      [he suffered for being out of the House for too long and for the Oz/Cam rivalry]

      3) Foxy Boy, questions aside, totally sidelined in the media so he is Non-Zog
      [will he get through to the 2nd round??]

      As you say Tap, will Leave MPs wake up in time? the agenda is clear: No G.E. till 2020; No Leave PM; Bog down the EU Art 50 negotiations; wobble the electorate and then return in X years…

      Q. Are they serious in having that much contempt for democracy, the UK and its electorate?

      Answer: Probably

      Q: what can us the “little people” (i.e. non MPs / Lords) do about any of it?
      [they sure don’t want the public involved in deciding anything else for a while]

      Answer: Lobbying MPs, Demo’s, Letter Writing, there must be more what else?

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