Leadsom claims she didn’t realise the EU was corrupt and wasteful until recently. Yet wants to be Prime Minister.

When exposed as the europhile she is in The Mail On Sunday and The Express over the weekend,  quoting from a recording of her saying she’s a nailed-on europhile in 2013, she now says in reply that she hadn’t realised at that time that the EU was corrupt and wasteful, but now that she found out what the EU is all about since then, she’s changed her mind!  The amazing thing is that those who are desperate to hear someone saying BREXIT will happen on TV actually believe her.

(Liam Fox is kept out of most studios so people don’t realise he’s around and a much better choice of Prime Minister for LEAVE).

Is it really credible for someone standing for the job of Prime Minister to be able to say what Leadsom is in effect saying, that is, ‘I’m sorry.  I only found out about the EU recently.’  OK for Mrs Average, of low intelligence with no involvement in the political world to not know much about the EU, but this Leadsom creature, in her next breath, is claiming she’s experienced in business and politics, to such an extent that, not only should she lead Britain’s exit from the EU.  The nuclear button should be placed at her disposal, and all whole decision-making of government at this dangerous time in our history.   No doubt she’d nuke some unfortunate city, and then say when the rows of dead people are shown to be innocent, that she didn’t know much about it all until after the event.

Really she’s entirely preposterous.

She’s only there being favoured with ultra soft media – the next Mrs Thatcher, we’re told – because REMAIN/Osborne want her as the opponent for Theresa May in the membership ballot, which they believe she will comfortably lose to Theresa May, a hardy and experienced perennial, however loathsome.  Osborne in the wings procured Gove to knife Boris Johnson.   Leadsom is his next trick, stopping the long-established LEAVE -minded Liam Fox (since 1993 and before) from getting onto the ballot if he can.   Osborne fears Fox, which is why Fox gets such an uncomfortable ride.

Fox says tonight’s hustings in Parliament are the key moment to put his pitch to MPs as to why he is the best choice for LEAVE.  LEAVE is the minority in the Parliamentary party but easily the majority amongst the membership.  That’s why REMAIN are hoping to avoid the membership ballot if they can.

Surely MPs like IDS and the supposedly highly intelligent John Redwood are not going to sully their reputations by supporting the ridiculous Leadsom.


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