Jeremy Corbyn leadership: More than 85,000 people sign vote of confidence in Labour leader after Brexit vote

Labour MPs have moved to oust their leader, blaming his ‘half-hearted’ attempts to campaign for EU referendum defeat


Jeremy Corbyn has faced calls to resign after his lacklustre performance in the EU referendum camp is blamed for overwhelming Leave vote in Labour heartlands Getty Images

More than 85,000 people have signed a vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn within hours of the form appearing online as he faces a leadership revolt from Labour MPs.

Supporters of the Labour leader rallied to his defence on the petitions site 38Degrees after members of the parliamentary Labour party (PLP) moved to oust him following what they saw as a lacklustre performance during the EU referendum campaign.

Britain voted to leave the EU on the narrowest of margins with 52 per cent of the vote.

Many of the regions opting for Brexit were in the heavily Labour dominated areas in the north of England and the West Midlands.

Former minister Dame Margaret Hodge tabled a motion of no confidence in the Leader of the Opposition, backed by Stockport MP Ann Coffey, ahead of the PLP meeting next week.

Dame Margaret told Sky News: “The European referendum was a test of leadership and I think Jeremy failed that test.

“He came out too slowly, he was very half-hearted about his attempts to campaign and Labour voters simply didn’t get the message.

“I hope, in the context of a secret ballot, that there will be overwhelming support for this motion I am putting and Jeremy will do the decent thing and resign.”

Other MPs, including former frontbenchers such as Rhondda MP Chris Byrant and Exeter’s Ben Bradshaw, have also called for him to stand down after the result which saw the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister.

Former Labour EU Commissioner, Lord Peter Mandelson, told the BBC on Friday morning that Mr Corbyn should “question whether he really has what it takes to lead the Labour party”.



George Galloway

Published on Jun 26, 2016


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