Is the EU simply a meaningless distraction?

Liam Fox is appointed as Minister for International Business and told to negotiate free trade deals around the world.  Within a week, there are proposals for a dozen and more countries, which sound hopeful.   Now Chancellor Hammond is readying a free trade deal with China.  See link.

On the other hand we’re being told that MP May won’t be signing Article 50 to withdraw from the EU this year, and that negotiations to leave will take two years minimum after that’s done, whenever that will be.

Money, however, doesn’t care about the political niceties.  If there’s business to be done, and the door is ajar, the forces that drive commerce are unstoppable and want to come in, it seems.  Brexit is being taken to mean Britain is already open for business, Article whatever or no.  The EU is starting to look like a game of deception,  a massive distraction with no meaning or substance.  The arranging of new trade deals is occurring so quickly, the vacuity of the Treaties that have blockaded Europe’s economy for forty years is becoming apparent for what they really are.  You simply ignore them and move on.


In the words of De Gaulle,  ‘Treaties are like women and roses.  They last while they last.’

The EU ones have faded.

In Britain, the ruling elite (parasites) doesn’t want UKIP to come back with 17 million supporters at election time in 2020 (supposedly the number of people who voted LEAVE in the referendum, which could have been an underestimate, of course).  20 million Ukippers would destroy the carefully constructed political party nonsense of the last century.  To preserve the nonsense of that, the nonsense of the EU will have to be sacrificed.

Britain will be exposed to the world.  Trade will surge.  But first will we be hammered with a collapsing currency, debt rescheduling, cuts and austerity on steroids?  Maybe the nonsense of debts will also be exposed.  Iceland wrote them all off.  Why shouldn’t everyone else?  They’re just another load of words and numbers written on paper, another form of Treaty in reality.

Do the trade deals now. Worry about politics later.




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