Instant karma

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Here’s another idiot posting a movie of herself after killing a lion with a rifle.  The scene is livened up when another lion shows up.  The screams are wonderful.  I only hope this is real and not a fantasy created using movie techniques.  Shots ring out, but the lion seems to have won.  It seems too good an ending to be true somehow.  Is this acted?  What do you think?


Ah – thought so.


3 Responses to “Instant karma”

  1. Human says:

    The story makes it clear the image of the lion was taken from one photo of the man and pasted onto another photo which you can clearly see is true. The story is false, although it does make people aware of the fact that killing innocent animals for sport and macabre selfies is not acceptable even if the way to demonstrate that fact is put together in an infantile manner.
    Everyone seems to lie to attempt to make themselves credible today and push their views out, no wonder nothing is believable any more.

  2. Tom74 says:

    It’s a completely depraved activity that is as unacceptable in the modern world as paedophilia.

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