Icke on Chilcot – What it doesn’t tell you. Same method used by FBI investigating Clinton.


They both stop short of telling you what would lead on to prosecution.  Icke fills in what Chilcot didn’t say, and covers Blair’s reply.  The Neocons (The Project for the American Century) planned multiple theatre wars to regime change country after country three years before the Iraq War was stated, in September 2000.  They ordered up a ‘new Pearl Harbour’ in 9/11, a year later.

A few days after 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told by a Pentagon general ‘we’re going to invade Iraq’.   In fact there were seven countries to be invaded – Iraq, Libya, Syria and others.  There had been a coup in the US by The Project For The American Century, which planned the takeover of the Middle East.  British Admiral was told in 2002 (Channel 4) that Britain was going to invade Iraq along with the United States. Blair’s seeking a UN Resolution on Iraq was not an attempt to stop the invasion, but to find a way to justify the invasion to the British people.  Then they made up lies such as WMD to justify the invasion they’d already decided upon.  The ‘dossier’ produced by British Intelligence to justify the war was ‘dodgy’ a pack of lies with the purpose of starting the war for which there was otherwise no good reason.



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