3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton has convulsions/seizure in public”

  1. Aldous says:

    The earlier fall/concussion incident seems dodgy and history being rewritten. I clearly remember this as a stroke and very serious – as all strokes potentially are. The stroke caused the fall and resulting concussion but the stroke that caused both appears to have been erased from history.

    What I’ve just seen on the video – assuming it’s real and not doctored – is a seriously sick woman (if indeed it is a woman) whose miserable, satanic and demonic life is hanging by a thread.

    As Margaret Thatcher once ‘infamously boasted’ (say many) outside Downing Street when the White Flag had been hoisted by the Argentinians above Port Stanley: Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!
    God Save The Queen!

    God appears to have Saved and Blessed America and World! Hope Lives!

    Pandora’s Pithos (also known as Pandora’s Jar or Pandora’s Box) was once the “home” to all the evils of the world. When a curious Pandora opened it, all the evils that harm mankind escaped and made life worse for mortals. The Pithos is currently owned by the goddess Hestia and only one more spirit remains inside; the spirit of Hope, Elpis.


  2. Nollidge says:


  3. Dublinmick says:

    She is losing it.


    They say she got into some bad crack.

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