Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it – Pericles

This is a great presentation covering masses of detail, humorous yet piercing and purposeful.  The nature of human oppression runs much deeper than we could believe, if we already didn’t know some of the details.  To understand who is oppressing us and why, Icke has spent 25 years and more researching all possible angles.  His interpretation of the facts he’s unearthed might not tally with yours, but the facts are clearly explained here.  You can make up your own mind how far to follow Icke’s conclusions, but you can’t ignore the subject – unless you prefer ignorance and oppression to being informed and free.  You are not intended to think independently.  Your DNA has been encoded to make you respond to control-inducing stimuli, and your brain made into a device motivated more by fear and anxiety, than by hope and courage.  Can you think your way to freedom?  Do you have the courage to defend what freedom you have acquired?  This video informs but it will also motivate you to seek a better life, without fear, or anxiety and to live with hope and develop independent thought.




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  1. lizy says:

    Just watched Icke’s clip …and 5 mins later stumbled upon the latest crop circle which apparently showed up a couple of days ago at Stonehenge…it’s the very Saturn symbol he describes! I wonder what he makes of that.

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