Farage and Fox looking relaxed at garden party with Murdoch

Farage, Murdoch, Lebedev and Fox break bread: as told by Lily Allen

Allen tweets from garden party attended by Ukip leader, media moguls and Tory Party leadership candidate

Lily Allen
Lily Allen attended the garden party being hosted by Evgeny Lebedev. Photograph: Will Oliver/EPA

He has railed against the “out of touch” media and political elites in the past. On Sunday, however, the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, attended a garden party with the media moguls Rupert Murdoch and Evgeny Lebedev, as well as the Tory leadership candidate Liam Fox. And the whole thing was documented on Twitter by Lily Allen.

Farage was pictured by the singer chatting to Murdoch and the host of the party, Lebedev. And a video she later deleted showed the Ukip leader smiling after she gave him a sarcastic hello

Later, when contacted by the Guardian, Allen said that both Fox and Farage had made a beeline for Murdoch as the guests were choosing their seats to make sure they were seated near him.

But it was the media boss himself for whom she reserved most of her ammunition, calling him Voldemort. In a video of the media boss “breaking bread” with the former defence secretary, she called them both “wankers”.

Allen also said that other guests at the party had told her she should not post pictures or videos of Murdoch. “His publications have been making money from publishing pictures of me, though,” she said.

Allen added: “The interesting thing is that these people will go on about how much they hate each other but they are willing to sit and break bread with each other. It just shows that it is a game, it is not real.”

TAP – Actually Fox and Farage did seem to get on well when they worked together during the BREXIT campaign.  Farage might have resigned but he still has huge public support.  Farage and Fox have, on occasions, met with Murdoch who is a supporter of BREXIT.  In fact this was a key meeting of three or possibly four important BREXITEERS, a fact apparently not recognised by Lily.  Leadsom is a REMAIN candidate pretending to be LEAVE.  The worry is that she’s only been put in place in order to lose to Shariah May.  Getting maximum alternative media support (much of it very well orchestrated and prepared images etc) she seems a very high risk alternative compared to Liam Fox.  Leadsom could well prove Loathsome once she gets her hands on power, after coming so recently to politics.  She claims she had no idea the EU was corrupt and evil until two years ago.  I mean.  How can anyone take her seriously?  She was saying she had nailed her colours to the mast as a supporter of the EU not all that long ago.   She might be a class act, but act she undoubtedly is.  With so little time, the LEAVE element feel they have no choice to back her to get a supposedly LEAVE candidate onto the ballot.



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  1. Tom74 says:

    Well, they would, wouldn’t they? All three are scoundrels in the pay of foreigners so I suppose they would enjoy each other’s company. We in Britain don’t need to accept it though. Time for a revolution.

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