Everyday Muslim Terror in Denmark

Copenhagen graduates fall into the civil war zone – and are  left in the lurch by police and politicians. That this and increasing violence is always trivialized proves the Masonic / Illuminati plan behind Soros‘ and here open borders and mass immigration promotion using his minion, Merkel, with the purpose of extermination of the white race wanted by the Pharisees.

Ekstrabladet 25 Juni 2016: It was carefully planned, when a lorry with a party of high school graduates on Friday were ambushed in the Bryde Allé on Amager in Copenhagen during their traditional graduation tour.

That´s what  Julie Sommer, who was a partaker, tells Ekstra Bladet.
We had visited a (Muslim) from the class, who lives at Hørgården, and when we came out and wanted to get aboard the lorry, 30 to 40 people (Arabs -Uriasposten) were waiting. A high school graduate from the class knew that he was to have “eggs”, because he had become a high school graduate, and he was the target in the first place.

æggekastere2But soon  the whole class was targeted in the open lorry.

– It was the small ones who started throwing the eggs, and then we just called on the truck driver to hurry while we rushed into the lorry, says Julie Sommer to Ekstra Bladet.

The car drove, but the attackers had blocked its way forward.

– It was horrible. We were completely exposed in the open lorry, says Julie Sommer.

– We tore some of the banners of the carriage over us, and hunked together under it  while (taxpayer-funded) eggs were flying through the air. But it was not all that managed to take cover, and there were some that had large bruises because they were hit. All were sad.

In addition to throwing eggs, the attackers were armed with water balloons with soapy water and cans of edible oil

– They ran to the lorry and poured oil on us.

Ekstra Bladet has spoken with another graduate who was also on the car, and she confirms the operation.
Everything was destroyed when the class finally escaped the attackers: high school, lorry and all were smeared in eggs and soapy water.

TV2 June 26, 2016  http://nyheder.tv2.dk/2016-06-26-chokerede-studenter-blev-jagtet-ramt-i-hovedet-af-sten In the Vigerslev Avenue in Valby on 5 June people suddenly started pelting us with stones. One of them hit  my head says Manon Pignot from the 3.m. She escaped with a bump and headaches.

News TV 2: During their tour, 2 high school graduates were sprayed with a kind of acid on Friday. This is confirmed by  the Copenhagen Police.

The incident occurred when the graduates and HFs were on tour with their classmates from the High School  of Herlev in Copenhagen. When the lorry passed by the Husum Station, it was overtaken by a car which sprayed the happy graduates with a water pistol. The gun was loaded with a kind of acid, two female high school graduates were hit.
Both ended the day at the emergency room of the  Herlev Hospital  where they had their eyes rinsed for one hour, but according to the BT, they are doing  well today, considering the circumstances.

Reddit 27 June 2016: Copenhagen Police officer Henrik Stormer confirmed the incident and said that they sent a patrol car, but he did not take the perpetrators. “We will not open an inquiry. […] It is a pity for the graduates, but we cannot endanger other people by sending a patrol car  through Copenhagen”, says Henrik Stormer to  TV2.

Ekstrabladet 26 June 2016 http://ekstrabladet.dk/nyheder/samfund/aegge-tendens-breder-sig-endnu-en-studenterkoersel-overfaldet/6159499
Another team of highschool graduates have been pelted with eggs on their tour. That is being told by a group of HF students from the VUC at Hvidovre to Ekstra Bladet on Sunday evening.


The graduates have sent photos taken immediately after the eggs cascades, while they were underway  from a visit to a family at Avedøre to another family on their tour.

Steven Knap is one of 25 students. He was hit by an egg in the back. And he has no doubt that the 4-5 guys who threw eggs from a green area, had been waiting for them.

So it goes, day after day: There is hardly a day without us reading about stabbings or shootings.
And we decadent and NWO-brainwashed citizens of the present calmly put up with  this new  costly taxpayer-paid “normalcy”, the brazenness given us by “our” Masonic politicians in the name of their satanic NWO.

Den Korte Avis 29 June 2016: Policy cannot simply ignore this as “just a handful”, “a bit of fun that got the upper hand” and the insane excuses  that are essentially no more than ethnocentrism and intellectual self-conceitedness.
Whom  can we plead to in these times when we cannot expect any help from the politicians, whom we can elect, to avoid a further escalation of the (one-sided) violence in the country?
In the city, violent attacks are being reported  from several places; at Nørrebro, Amager, at Husum, at Hvidovre, Avedøre, Tingbjerg and at Valby.

Source: http://new.euro-med.dk/20160702-everyday-muslim-terror-in-denmark.php


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